Revisiting the old

I rarely check the blog stats anymore. It sort of amazes me each time I do. Man, do I ever like to ramble, this is post #1275, I wonder how many words that would total to.

yesterday, I was just laying on the bed thinking. I was thinking about the blog and how by now I must have shared my thoughts and feelings on just about everything you could think of. As I pondered on it, I realized some of those thoughts and feelings are important to me. Things I would like to share, but then I think well I already have shared them. As I thought though I realized some of those thoughts and feelings could even be 1,000 posts ago and could have even be written 6 or 7 years ago.

i am going to go back and revisit many of them, see how time may have changed my view. This could be interesting 

2 Responses to Revisiting the old

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – I expect a great deal with have adjusted … your thoughts have had to have consolidated – and I’m grateful to them all .. wise words come from here … thanks – Hilary

    Thank you again. It will be interesting to read back from the beginning and possibly see if and how my thinking has changed

  2. Mel says:

    Every once in a while I go back to see how I’ve eeked in some growth. And every once in a while I check on the ‘notes to self’ that I need a refresher on. LOL…things fall outta my head. Going back to note changes in my thinking/beliefs? I’ve worked to live the beliefs. There’s been some stretching, but I don’t know that those baseline beliefs will waiver. And if they do…yikes, maybe I need to check myself and ask myself some tough questions. Oh, but going back to see the photos might be good fun!! Or not….LOL!

    Hey Mel. Base line beliefs have not changed. You said it, working to live those beliefs is the issue. Keep life in proper prospective. As I revisit some of the early post this will be old for you. You have been right here at my side through almost all of it. I thank you for the on going support

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