Update on life

I think spring has finally arrived and I am sure everyone is so happy to see it and feel the warmer temperatures. Melting through the day back to freezing at night. Makes for icy conditions.

Nature is amazing. Vi has tulips in the flower beds. They are so hardy they are coming up out of the ground within an inch or so of the snow. Hey, Canadians are a tough bunch. That even goes all the way to our flowers

Hmm, just said spring is here. Looked outside and it is snowing.
Vi went for another C scan last week. Hoping to here from doctor tomorrow or the next day. If not they will be hearing from me.
Got our income tax dealt with this morning. Why does it seem like such a chore?
Neither of us is very active these days. Vi with her legs and me, I think sometimes just being lazy.
Really getting wrapped up playing words with friends. Basically an on-line scrabble game. Another connection to people all over the world.
Life is good. Have about a dozen different posts at various stages. Will be putting time into getting them up shortly


3 Responses to Update on life

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – it’s good to hear life is progressing on and you are both doing your best to keep entertained and are able to enjoy the Spring as it slowly comes along .. but the snow you’ve had has been quite drawn out ..

    With thughts … cheers Hilary

    Thanks Hilary. Snow in the back yard is about 2 1/2 feet deep and will take a while to melt. Warmer temps are finally here. Spring is in sight.

    • hilarymb says:

      I thought I’d changed ‘thught’ .. but the typing finger didn’t quite connect! Anyway I forgot to say – well done for getting your taxes done .. it is always a chore and I must get mine done so I’m ready later in the year .. cheers H

  2. Mel says:

    I always delay doing taxes, even though I know I’ll get a refund. LOL…Make that make sense!
    I’ll hope there’s an update on Vi…Seems like I’m forever playing ‘catch up’.
    Oh…and I had to chuckle about playing online scrabble. The sister indulges and her spelling has improved 20%…LOL…I advised her to keep playing. I adore word games, but I haven’t indulged online. I wonder why that is…I had an abundance of ‘sitting on my rearend time’ and never once thought of that. Sheeessshh…what was I thinking!! 😉

    Hey Mel, maybe we can have a game

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