Thank you to very special friends and neighbours

Sending out a big thank you to our wonderful neighbours Nick, Francis and Melchie.

Last evening, a quick trip to the store turned into a mini nightmare. The lane behind our home, which we have to drive on to when exiting our garage has turned into an almost impossible  to navigate mass of deep icy ruts. Those ruts are about 6 inches deep. Your car tires get into those ruts it is almost impossible to get out. This has been a beyond the norm extreme winter. Snow fall amounts like I can’t ever remember. Here in the City, keeping up with snow clearing on the streets and lanes has been a real challenge. What seems to often happen is a couple of inches of snow will fall. Traffic driving over it will pack it down. This tightly packed snow becomes very icy. The City then sends out sanding trucks, covering the icy packed snow to give vehicles better traction. That actually works quite well. It is just with each successive snow fall that “packed icy layer” becomes deeper and deeper.
We have had a few days of melting which turned those packed layers into slush in which the deep ruts were created. Night time freezing temperatures and you have these deep ruts in solid ice.
OK, I backed the car out of the garage and immediately got stuck in the ruts. Couldn’t go either forward or backward. What to do. I can’t leave the car, it is now blocking the entire lane for anyone else that may be trying to navigate it.
We keep a big container of kitty litter in the garage for just such times. Throw it in front of your tires and it really improves traction, not this time.
I know I am not supposed to shovel but maybe just a little bit would get the car free, bad move.
I think I spent less than a minute shovelling “hacking at the ice” when I got such a sharp jabbing chest pain. It literally put me on my knees. A very sharp jabbing pain that seemed to knock the breath right out of me.
Now I “always” carry my nitro spray with me. Obviously not. As I searched my pockets for it, I remembered using it the night before while laying in bed and putting it on the bed side table, where it remained.
That intense jabbing pain only lasted a couple of seconds then settled into a dull ache. Breathing, catching my breathe was more of the issue. Getting to the house was a bit of an issue.
Startled the heck out of Vi when I came in gasping hollering I need my nitro. That is a miraculous drug.
So now what to do. I can’t go back out there. Vi is in no shape to try. The car is stuck and blocking the entire lane.
Light bulb of an idea moment. Call our wonderful neighbours and ask for help.
Nick, Francis and Melchi responded to our request immediately. I remained inside but they attacked that ice with shovels even an axe. They must have been at it for close to 45 minutes and were able to free the car enough to get it back into the garage. Getting it out to be able to get to the street against all that ice was just impossible.
My dear friends and neighbours, we thank you so very much. Your kindness is appreciated more than you can know

7 Responses to Thank you to very special friends and neighbours

  1. lypenner says:

    What angels of mercy they were! Our backland is exactly the same, and yesterday the icy ruts swiped off some major piece of plastic on the underside, so off to the mechanics I had to go on this first day of my holiday! But thankfully I did not get stuck. God was looking out for you Bill! Glad your body recovered enough to get you inside and you got what you needed.

    Thank you Lydia. Angels they are. Sounds like the back lanes all over the city are a similar mess. Do you know does Autopac cover damage caused in this way? Or do they cover it but charge it against you by increasing your rates?.
    The distance from the garage to the house isn’t that far. That time it seemed like miles.
    Will be in touch with you about the specialist you mentioned in your last post. Thank you

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – totally agree .. thankgoodnes for Angels of Neighbours .. so pleased all worked out .. Hilary

    Thank you Hilary. They are Angels indeed

  3. rangewriter says:

    It has been a brutal winter. I’m glad you’ve survived!

    it has been a brutal winter. Here we are April 1st and still have about 3 feet of snow and temps in the -20’s

  4. lypenner says:

    Bill I just have to send this your way. Free Press writer Bartley Kives wrote a song just for you (and the rest of us 🙂—our-latest-key-of-bart-239632791.html

  5. Mel says:

    Holy cow….G-d really took very good care of you. No doubt scared the both of you. Think “necklace nitro holder”. They do make them yaknow….even ones that stop the pills from turning to dust and hold the spray safely. OMG….bless the angels next door. And bless Vi for finding the oompf to get to the nitro.
    And yup….long, hard winter. It’s on the downhill slide….I hope…. Oy…..

    Hey Mel. I “always” carry a nitro spray in my pocket or at least before then I would have been willing to almost swear to that. Obviously not. Yes, it gave us a bit of a scare but all is well that ends well and this did, thankfully. How are you my friend

  6. micheal says:

    Hi bill,don’t know were to put blogs to chat to you,just to let you know I’ve diagnosed with prostate cancer, I’m still shock and waiting now on MRI scans as this doesn’t seem to be the only problem, get back to you soon,mike

    hi Mike, anywhere you post here on the blog is just fine. I see new comments as they come up. I am so sorry to fear of the diagnosis. My heart and prayers go to you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you and yours. Check your email, I am going to try send you another.
    Please feel free to continue to comment here at any time.

    • Mel says:

      *sending hugs and prayers* The shock is understandable. Just know there are people sending you strength and healing thoughts. And know that ‘here’ is a good source of peace–and that people really will walk through this with you. You’re in my prayers, Micheal.

      Thank you Mel

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