How the dying want to be treated

I am happy to say, I think I have finally rounded the bend and am starting to feel better. Ever since Christmas I have been fighting a deep chest infection. Did the antibiotics everything. The antibiotics may have helped some but didn’t seem to do much. Time seems to be what was needed. Time is something I know I am short on and admit to getting flustered when seemingly spend so much of it feeling this way.

i have been working on 3 separate posts. Maybe that is the problem, I am working on them, they deal with issues important to me and I want to word them in a meaningful way. The titles or topics: “how does a dying person want to be treated”, “don’t loose sight of the big picture even when going through a crappy time” and my thoughts on “impermanence”, how the brain tumour may be affecting me. Oops that is 4 not 3. I know I am a rambler not a writer and get flustered. I am ready to give up on that attempt and go back to my norm. Sit down and just type the thoughts as they come. What ever comes, comes and up it goes.

I am open to ideas, thoughts or feelings, on any of these topics, just let me know

3 Responses to How the dying want to be treated

  1. Dan says:

    I don’t know if it will help you or not but I discovered a immune system booster called the one minute cure or just the miracle cure. I suggest you do a google search on it. Amazon has it. Since I started taking it I am feeling better and have more energy once I get out and start doing the things I need to get done. I feel better in general. It is worth checking out.

    thank you Dan. I will look into it

  2. Mel says:

    It’s been a long, hard winter for a lot of folks–me included. I think a good dose of springtime sunshine and just the ability to sit on the front steps for a bit would do us all a wlrld of good!
    And you know me, sir…your ramblings are always filled with bits of wisdom I need to hear and heed….so write on!!

    thanks Mel. It has been a long hard winter. I am so looking forward to my front step sitting

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – I’m glad you’ve turned the corner and are feeling easier .. you’ve a lot going on, let alone your own health … my thoughts to you and Vi and the family …

    As Mel says Spring time helps too .. cheers Hilary

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