To know you are dying – things I have learned

Just random thoughts as they came to mind and in no particular order. Will add more as they come to mind

I have learned a lot in this whole dying process.

– to know you are dying sucks

– to know you are dying can be a wonderful eye opening experience

– no matter how strong your faith, your beliefs may be, there are times when it will waiver, fear can set in

– you realize how wrong you can be. Those you knew would be there for you can disappear from sight

– support can and will come from the most unexpected people

– the world does not revolve around me, irregardless of my condition and nor should it

– dying is a very lonely experience

– you need to feel useful, that you are making a contribution, that you have a purpose for being

– distractions are often needed. If left on it’s own the mind tends to wander and not always to the best of places

– I see life differently. Many things that would have bothered me no longer do. But, if I feel I am being treated unfairly I will no longer tolerate such

– life is a precious gift. Appreciate and make the most of every moment

– take no one and nothing for granted

– work on developing your own personal relationship with God

5 Responses to To know you are dying – things I have learned

  1. methenandnow says:

    It’s a lonely place.

  2. M T McGuire says:

    I’m sure it’s a very lonely place. Dying is something you do alone, no matter how many people are around you or how much they care. I am sure this blog and your words must have bolstered that strength in a huge number of people. I hope they bolster it in you.

    That’s a cracking post.

    God bless,


    It truly is my hope my words may have bolstered some, even if only one person and my efforts have been worth while. Here on the blog, I do not have the words to describe how often and how much my spirits have been bolstered. I am so very grateful

  3. methenandnow says:

    You never know who you’ll end up with. It’s usually not who you expect.
    In some cases you are so right. I think individuals each deal with it in their own way as best they can. This whole issue makes people so very uncomfortable. Some are right there for you, others to lesser and lesser degrees to the point of some just disappearing from your life.
    Others that were otherwise on the peripheral edge of your life suddenly step up

  4. Mel says:

    I could only nod and agree….over and over again. I echo MTM’s comment–we’ll each experience the loneliness if we get to know that we’re dying. And I know you know the layers of that as realities sink in inch by inch by inch. And yes, some people draw nearer while others retreat….and yes, some will disappear. It’ s sometimes difficult to remember that’s about their ‘stuff’. It’s tough to not personalize.
    It’s also liberating to come to that place where you don’t tolerate being wronged, that you discovered you can be compassionate without being a doormat.

    And I think I would remind you that you’ve hard a hearts desire to help ease the fear/burden/loneliness of’even just one person’ by hitting the publish button….ever since I’ve landed here.
    I’ve witnessed you doing that–again and again, over and over again. And you’re continuing to do that…sometimes knowingly and sometimes without the privilege of knowing. But you DO touch lives….what you do, matters…has mattered to numbers of people already and will continue to matter.

    472,937 hits <– speaks to that, too. (just sayin…)

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – the thoughts you express here are so true ..sad too, but wonderful heart-warming as well …. some people surpass themselves at times like these … blessings to them.

    Thanks so much for keeping on posting – always good to see what’s happening and to understand more … all the best Hilary

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