Humbled, honoured and grateful

I am humbled and honoured. Here in Canada, maybe else where also, I am not sure. February is designated as Heart and Stroke month. Very special people give of their time to go out canvassing door to door requesting donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. That money goes to fund research and is used in countless ways to promote good health and make the lives of those with heart issues a little better or easier.
I was reading on their web site, that every year they are able to get about 70,000 people to volunteer their time to go out and do this door to door canvassing, a major fund raiser for them. Bravo to all, I say.
Now something I want to point out, this is Canada. The month of February can be very cold and stormy, not the weather you would typically choose to be out in. Particularly this past February. Records were broken everywhere for the extreme cold. Yet into that cold out went those special volunteers.
Have I ever mentioned how lucky and proud to have the family that I have. There are so many I could write about but today I want to acknowledge one in particular. My cousin John Howdle.
Now anyway you may look at it, John is a fine gentleman, an all around really nice guy.
I am not sure about years gone by but I do know that this year John became one of those volunteers. John and team raised over $600.00 for the Heart and Stroke foundation. Now as I understand it, volunteers are asked to dedicate their time and efforts to someone past or present who have dealt with or are dealing with heart or stroke issues.
I am so very touch, humbled and honoured that John would choose to dedicate his efforts to me. I just don’t have the words.
OK, John I admit, I was. Happy and proud to have you as a cousin even before this wonderful gesture on your part. This is like the icing on the cake.
Bravo to all of those 70,000 volunteers. A big thank you from all and a very personal thank you from me

2 Responses to Humbled, honoured and grateful

  1. Mel says:

    It’s selflessness like this that humbles me and puts things into perspective for me. What a special family you have. And what awesome volunteers to go out into the bitterness.
    Makes me hang my head with all that whining I do over a sub zero day here and there….while I stay inside, on my rearend….in a warm house even!
    We need to clone that cousin of yours.

    Mel, you are so right about John, he is a keeper. If we had a ton of cloned John’s running around this world would be a better place. This sort of thing would be wonderful at any time. Throw in the temperatures we were dealing with often in the -40’s and for me that moves it to a whole new category of wonderful.
    See why I have so often said I am so lucky to have the family that I do.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – congratulations to John for volunteering and for helping such a necessary organisation out … as Mel says – Selflessness knows no bounds. Many unsung heroes do much for others …

    With thoughts – Hilary

    thank you Hilary. John is a great guy no doubt. It as you say there are so very many unsung heroes out there contributing so much for so many

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