My Brain Tumour – meningioma

I realize there is something I really haven’t written much about, my brain tumour. The medical name for it is a meningioma. It is not actually attached to the brain but to the inside lining of the skull. There is only so much room inside your skull. Within the confines of that limited space in the skull everything is fitted to function properly. Now within that limited space if you introduce a foreign mass into that space, almost the size of a golf ball, it compresses a part of the brain. Affecting the function of that part.
I am not a doctor, this is all as I understand it to be.
My tumour is located about an inch above the Centre of my right eye brow. It is believed to be non cancerous because of the slow rate of growth.
It was accidentally discovered 12 or 13 years ago. I was hospitalized with all of my traditional heart attack symptoms. But with one big extra thrown in. While going through the usual chest pain business, I was suddenly hit out of no where with a wicked head ache. It didn’t slowly come on, it was just bang and it was there in full force. Hit me so hard and so suddenly it put me to my knees with projectile vomiting. Really no fun at all. The worst head ache I have ever had.
This brought up thoughts of a stroke. Spinal tap, MRI and I don’t remember what all followed.
I have memory issues for sure but there are something’s that just stick out in my mind. The doctor coming in saying: “I have some good news and some not so good news. You did not have a stroke. BUT, in doing the tests we did discover you have a brain tumour.”
For a while it was monitored closely looking for growth. It is growing but at a very slow speed that leads them to believe it is non cancerous. Now that is good. I was told with time it would have to be dealt with. That would be down the line in maybe 10-15 years.
Really I just at the time laughed it off. With my heart the thought of having to deal with something that far down the line wasn’t any sort of issue. Based on everything I “knew” I would no longer be here, so it was nothing to deal with.
What do I say. Here we are 12 or 13 years down the line and I am still here, for which I give thanks.
I am noticing things. I will get into that next time


4 Responses to My Brain Tumour – meningioma

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Bill.Hope your as well as can be.I suppose if must of felt years away and you were thankful for gods help at that time.Don’t think any of us think about that far in the future when your so glad that your here at that’ve done so well and hopefully you go another 10 years or more.I’ve enjoyed reading some of your journey and think it will give me some comfort and understanding in my battle to survive as long as possible. Mike

    • Mel says:

      Welcome, Michael. It’s good you’ve found some support for this difficult time. I hope the tests are able to narrow down the problem and offer you some solutions. NOT knowing is difficult for me. If I have the facts, I seem to feel a sense of control over the situation…even in situations where I really don’t have the ability to change a darn thing. Here’s hoping for good results from all the testing. And keep coming back–folks who frequent here are very loving, supportive folks….and who doesn’t need that in their life! 🙂

      Hey Mel, so very good to see you here. I know you are going through a very tough time and I/we are grateful you would take the time to stop in here. We are on the same page here. It is the not knowing that is the hardest. I can learn to adapt, come to terms with anything it seems, once I know what is happening.
      I hope you are taking care of yourself

      • Michael says:

        Hi Mel.Thanks for your kind words great to know there is some lovely people around to offer support. hope we have loads to chat about. Still waiting on results really can’t see there being any good news to be honest.I know as my body is telling me.Tell you all more about my illness when I get results.Thanks to you and Bill.mike

        Hi Mike, sending positive thoughts and good wishes as we all await your test results. You are so right in seeing Mel as a lovely person. You will find many supportive people here ready to welcome and support you as we can.

  2. Mel says:

    I can understand how it got shoved to the back burner. We’re celebrating the 12 years of living and loving and we’re all grateful that’s been gifted to you….and to us.

    I gotta say, that last bit left me frowning. I’ll hope those are things you’ve reported to your physician and they’re on board.
    Seriously….that has to be annoying as heck, dodging bullets left and right. I’d be banging my head and grumbling at the Big Guy. LOL…But you know me. I think you and Vi oughta be DUE a break!! And don’t think I won’t be pointing that out to the Big Guy. …maybe He just ‘misunderstood’ my prayers. ;-/

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