Would you take a gift from God for granted

I put up a post yesterday. I had a bit of a message in mind but in my typical fashion found myself going on one of my big rambles. Maybe inside I have this thing, there is no point in saying something in 3 words if I can drag it out to 20.

i recognize I am not a writer but a rambler. I am not sure how accurate this is but my thought is if I just write the thoughts as they come, they come more from the heart, which is what I want. Way, way back I would put together these thoughts in this way and then go to it editing, proof reading…… I came to realize doing this it seemed I ended up with a post that was nothing like the original. Maybe being lazy had a part in it. This is my journal so I type what ever comes, up it goes for better or worse.

until recently I had not even heard the word impermanence. That is not to say I didn’t already have my own thoughts and feelings on what it means, those I am very familiar with. These thoughts have been evolving within me for these past years. Life is a journey and like all journeys there is an ultimate destination point an ultimate time when this journey will end. Here I am only referring to our physical life on this earth. I do not believe things end at that point but that is for another post.

The only thing each and every person has in common is we are at some point going to die. There is no getting away from it. It is a fact of life. The difference for each of us is we are on different time schedules. Deep down we all know this. We know it but don’t want to acknowledge or even really think about it. It is to scary or morbid or what ever. It is like the big elephant in the room, we know it is there but don’t want to talk about it.
It is something over which we have no control. All we do have control over is how we spend the time we do have, however long that may be.
A question, would you ever take a gift from God for granted? Every precious second we have on this earth is truly a gift from God. Are you taking that gift for granted?
Years back I first heard the you are dying words come out of my doctors mouth. Hearing that shook me up pretty good. I was not happy to be hearing that. It took me time to get my head wrapped around that idea. I struggled with it and have my times when I still do.
Over time I came to see his words as being a blessing, I am sure many find that hard to imagine, but it was.
It really opened my eyes to life. My own impermanence was laid out right in front of me. No way to deny it, it was there.
This was not like a light bulb suddenly came on and I saw the light. I am a slow learner when it comes to life lessons. It took time, praying, meditating, thinking, reading and yes blogging but that light did slowly start to come on.
Accepting my own impermanence in this world caused me to see things differently. I may not have control over when I leave this world but I do have control over what I do, how I spend the precious time that I do have. I began to prioritize things things. Simplify life even to the point of getting rid of unnecessary stresses.
If we could somehow come to accept our time is limited, we would value it much more. Appreciate every second as truly being a gift from God, while knowing that gift is for a limited time.
I believe it would be a life changing experience for all, if some how just for a day or so they could live with my reality. How would you spend your day if you statistically speaking knew you do not have a tomorrow. How inconsequential would those little daily aggravations become. Think about it. Please let me know


3 Responses to Would you take a gift from God for granted

  1. methenandnow says:

    I love the way you write.

    Thank you

  2. Mel says:

    Buddism has teachings that center around the ‘three poisonings’, impermanence, greed and hate. So when the word ‘impermanence’ is used, I think of those ‘poisons’–those things which lie to us about what’s important to ‘attach’ to.– because we see ourselves as ‘separate beings’ we ‘attach’ to ‘things’. which simply exacerbates the whole ball of wax when it comes to ‘impermanence’.

    Permanence, to me, is that deep abiding knowledge that you’re not separate from the universe and you’re already attached to every thing already. My body is impermanent–my soul, is not. I guess I’m not uncomfortable talking about the process of dying because I’m centered in what I’m NOT. This body will die. And since I’m not my body, I’m not my job, my possessions, my paycheck….and since I believe my soul will journey on, I don’t mind addressing the ‘elephant in the room’.

    Now, do I wanna leave this body….not today! 😉 I’m kinda having a good time of it, all things told. And like you, I get graced with so many cool experiences that I don’t want that to end. And yes, I have a deep, abiding sense of gratitude for those experiences. I get to watch G-d in action–who wouldn’t wanna stay for more of that show! But I know the gig will eventually end–because this body doesn’t have permanence. So, rock and roll and enjoy it while ya got it! (now…….that doesn’t mean I won’t whine and carry on about ‘stuff’–those darn ‘three poisons’ are powerful things…..)

    “We have to nourish our insight into impermanence every day. If we do, we will live more deeply, suffer less, and enjoy life much more. Living deeply, we will touch the foundation of reality, nirvana, the world of no-birth and no-death. Touching impermanence deeply, we touch the world beyond permanence and impermanence. We touch the ground of being and see that which we have called being and nonbeing are just notions. Nothing is ever lost. Nothing is ever gained.” Thich Nhat Hanh

    How’s THAT for ‘deep’. 🙂
    Mel, that is deep. It is a very powerful message that makes a lot of sense. I want to give this comment a proper reply. Thank you for sharing it, I will be back with more thoughts on it
    Hope you are doing well

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – you connect with so many of us and give us words that we can mull over and pay attention to, or take and ‘convert’ for our own use with others .. all essentials to our own building blocks of life.

    I’ve ‘been AWOL’ but am around reading .. all the best to you and to Vi .. Hilary

    Thank you Hilary

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