Hopes vs Expectations

Something I have long knownIs to not let your hopes become expectations. When we develop expectations of anything or anyone we are setting ourselves up for heart break or disappointment.
One of my coping mechanisms through my issues is trying to maintain a positive attitude. I know that attitude has helped me through a lot or at least eased the burden as I was going through it.
This may sound strange but that positive attitude can sometimes take hopes to the expectation level without you even realizing it.
Vi’s surgeries are a perfect example. It must be close to 1 1/2 years now she has been ever increasing, more limiting debilitating pain in her legs and lower back. She has gone from being a full speed ahead energizer bunny, to having difficulty walking the 20 or so steps from the kitchen to the bedroom.
In fairness, we saw the surgeon 4 or 5 months ago and she did make it clear she felt the surgeries were urgently needed but that she also felt there was about a 70-80% chance that these procedure would be the answer to the pain issues. We would have to wait and see.
We knew the surgery would be at least several months down the line. That waiting is tough especially when her pain levels are increasing, physical capacity decreasing.
Vi went through a few periods of “what if it doesn’t work”.
This is where positive thinking Bill jumped in with. “Don’t even think that way. There is a 70-80% chance it will. With my well intended moral boosting. I think I help turn a hope into an expectation.
Well awaiting more news. Further tests planned for the 17th which will be followed the same day with a meeting with the surgeon.
Maybe it is my nature or something. I can’t help be feel confident the doctors will have a new plan and one that will work. Might need to be more cautious about pushing a hope beyond what it is, a hope

One Response to Hopes vs Expectations

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Poor Vi. Fingers and toes crossed that they can work something out.

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