Vi’s Surgeries/Prayers please

I have written of Vi and of how she under went 4 separate surgeries all at the same time. All ready have her there on the operating table, let’s get it all done at once.

For well over a year now she has been experiencing a lot of lower back pain and pain through both of her legs. This pain only comes when she walks. Sit still or laying down and pain free. If you know Vi you know she is not a sit down type of person. She is like the energizer bunny. Always on the run and at top speed. A bundle of energy always on the go.

For years when we walked anywhere, I was constantly asking her to slow down. This old goat couldn’t keep up with her. Over this past year those roles have been reversed. If we are walking I have found it best to drop back a step or two. Let her set the pace. Even with this she had only about 15 or 20 slow steps and she had to stop because of the pain.

Surgeries involved going in, slicing open length wise some of the major arteries, manually removing plaque build up and then sewing the artery and the rest of her back together. This being to increase the blood flow to her legs and end the pain.

It has been a tough 3 weeks for her since that surgery. First, recovering from the surgery itself but what was even worse or harder on her was the side affects of the antibiotics they put her on just as a normal precaution. Ended up getting them changed 3 time as they were irritating her stomach so badly.

The discharge instructions were walk but just until it starts to hurt then stop. We quickly realized her ability to walk was no different than prior to the surgery.

Saw the surgeon yesterday for a follow up. It was a downer. The procedures did not work as expected or really at all. Doctors are going back to the drawing board for a new plan of action. Further surgery seems destined be it on her legs or possibly even spine.

Vi is, well we both are down. Prayers would appreciated

4 Responses to Vi’s Surgeries/Prayers please

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Oh Bill I’m so sorry to hear that, especially after you were both hoping it would work so well. I hope that it all pans out right for you.

    Lots of love


  2. lypenner says:

    Praying for patience and endurance and to maintain a sense of hope amid your difficulties. Love to you both.

  3. Noel says:

    This is terrible. Sorry about all the ordeal. My wife went through major knee surgery about two years ago, and I remember it being a living hell recovering from the surgery. Now she still has trouble with her knee and is seeking a second opinion. Wish you and Vi the Best.

  4. Mel says:

    Amen to the prayers both folks before me lifted up. As a gal who believes all things happen for a reason, I remain hopeful and optimistic….yes, I’m sure it WAS a downer to discover, 3 weeks post op, that walking was no better…and the surgeons are pretty convinced it’s ‘back to tbe drawing board’. All that stress and worry and that driving desire to have less pain / to reclaim your life–no doubt it feels horribly disheartening. I know we all get some ‘bumps’ in life (speedbumps, I think you refer to them as). Tough to remain positive and hopeful when you’re feeling like it was all for naught.
    Speedbump, hanging on to hope in the midst of the storm, feeling what we feel but trudging on in spite of it all, trusting in the higher good….all things you’re well versed in and can offer up to Vi….cuz ya love her and hate to see her in pain or struggling.
    Perfect fella for reminding her of what’s really important here, which I’m certain you’ll do and you’ll do well.

    The two of you remain in my thoughts and prayers. (((((Vi and Bill)))))

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