Appreciate every moment

This past while I have learned something about myself. Maybe better said, I have really had some of my thoughts re-enforced about appreciating life. Appreciate the wonders of just being alive no matter what the circumstances of the moment are.

This past while has been a trial. I can say I have had a chest cold/infection and most would just laugh, “poor baby has a cold”. That is true. This is where understanding comes in. I have written before of how terminal patients almost need to develop a new language of some sort. My immune system is compromised as is my breathing. It feels like I am never getting quite enough air, a good lungful. Now throw in the heavy congestion of a MAN cold. The breathing part itself is no problem, it is getting enough air in while doing it. I am not sure about anyone else but when I am just not feeling good, moral is not at it’s highest.

This is where I came to an important realization. In my daily prayer routine, I give thanks for having been given that day. My prayers over the years have changed from what I call a “shopping list” of all the things I would like to see unfold in my life. I now simply pray “Thy will be done”. OK, I may not say the words but it is obviously known I am wishing/hoping for a tomorrow.

Here is the realization part. There is a huge difference between not wanting to die and being grateful for being alive. The being alive part we just take for granted. Of course I am going to have a tomorrow. When we can come to realize that will not be the case for all of us, maybe then we can truly begin to value how precious is every moment.

even when feeling at my worst, I often took time to say a little prayer of thanks for having been given that moment. True that moment may well not been as I would have liked it to be. I was grateful to have been given that moment, what I did with it was up to me. In spite of being grateful, sadly for me I wasted many of them


5 Responses to Appreciate every moment

  1. Noel says:

    I am also working on being thankful for what i have, which is true happiness. I have a friend who is dying of cancer and it saddens me. But if i work on accepting the way things are, i will suffer less.

    Hi Noel. An attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for what we have instead of wasting time regretting or longing for what we don’t have. Right on.
    So sorry to hear of your friend. Prayers going out

  2. NSC says:

    I often wonder if we added up the time we spent worrying or fretting or just feeling sorry for ourselves, how many wasted days would it be? You continue to be a role model for your readers, and I appreciate your reminders to value and enjoy what we have.
    Hi and thank you for the kind words. You bring up such a good point or question. Over a life time how many days, weeks, months or maybe even years would all that wasted time add up to? Over my life time I would guess that total would be in years. Thankfully I am getting better at not wasting even the moments.

  3. Michael Wellington says:

    Hi Bill.only just found your site,I think I maybe dying too,I’m a 52 yo.male from Walsall England, I’m waiting on c t scans and biopsy .but sure of the outcome to be honest,I’ve been so stressed even thinking about the outcome and having to tell my children and family.It a blessing to find you and sure we will be sharing a lot in the near future, mike

    hi Mike and welcome to the blog. I am glad you found me. I know wait for these kind of test results can seem like the worst and longest time of your life. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.
    I will be honoured to accompany you on this bit of your life and I do hope you will return and share with us often.
    It is so often our human side that causes us to envision the worst while waiting for news as you are. Hard as I know it may we have to wait for those results. Even then it may just indicate more tests are required.
    I have complete faith in the medical profession. They can do fantastic things. I am a walking testament to that.
    May I ask what is it that makes you feel sure of the results?
    Is your family with you and aware of what you are facing?
    I am glad you found me, I am here for you as I can be.
    Please let’s just take this one step at a time. I do hope to hear back from you
    Please check your email

  4. Michael says:

    Bill.thanks so much for reply ,well my PSA blood counts for prostate is a high and enlarged but this isn’t the main problem, I’ve been in pain with my lefthand side and all sorts of problems with pain around my lower parts,drove doctor mad keep going to him for him to say I’m not I’ll,bean hospital a few times and today ,they saying its the bowel and need urgent investigations,I know this is not going to be a good turn around .tell you more as I find out,great to know you there .mike

    Hi Mike, I am not at all familiar with your type of issue but am very willing to provide any support I can for you or your family, here through the blog

  5. Michael says:

    Hi Bill.Thanks I’ve checked my email not had any from you.I’m up hospital tomorrow for a ct least I’m getting somewhere. Hope your as well as can be.mike

    Hi Mike, good luck, I hope the CT scan shows positive results. Thoughts and prayers will be with you.
    I did send an email, possibly check you span folder. I will resend. Possibly when copying it over I mis-spelled. Copied it the old fashion way

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