Some people just need a smack on the head

I was a couple of paragraphs into a post when something hit me. I was being hypocritical.

OK, I admit I haven’t been feeling well for the past couple of weeks. It has me feeling down and even a little grumpy. I read something in the paper that just hit me as being ridiculous. Some people are so petty getting upset over the silliest things. Here it is:

Here in Winnipeg we still have mail delivery right to your door, you have to love that. Now here in Winnipeg over this past 2-3 weeks we have been having an exceptional cold spell with temperatures in the -40’s with the wind. Now that is cold, you just can’t stay out in that very long. Vehicles are freezing up, it is a big problem for everyone. No one is going outdoors unless they have to.

That is unless your job forces you out there, such as is the case with our mail carriers. They are still out there walking up each street delivering the mail. With these kind of temperatures you just can’t stay out there, you have to get inside at times just to warm up. Now this being the case in some areas mail delivery is a day or two behind. Understandable, I would think. Not so with others. Some are apparently very upset over the slower delivery service.

now when I read about that it really irked me, even got me a little upset given the circumstances people would get upset over something so trivial. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. 

Then it hit me. What was even more ridiculous was me allowing myself to be annoyed. Annoyed reading of the reactions of others in this sort of situation. There is a life lesson here somewhere

3 Responses to Some people just need a smack on the head

  1. Mel says:

    Aww…pretty human of ya, Bill. And bless those mailcarriers for still getting the job done. I’d guess they have an idea of what they’re signing up for with that job…but good grief, we’re talking loss of digits and extreme danger with exposure.
    And on the other hand, there are folks reliant on their medications, their pension, their MUST haves …on time.
    What we need is respect and compassion on both sides.
    And for you to not let yourself get wrapped around the axel about the stuff you cannot change. LOL. Oh, but how very human of you!!
    ((((( Bill )))))
    Hey Mel, my voice of reason. Two sides to every story.

  2. Laura says:

    Bill! I have not posted in so long, you and Vi are in my thoughts often. Happy to read of the specal memories you did make over the season holidays. I have been very sad about my health recent and I found that when I am feeling this way to go and do “acts of kindness” (I think of your asking for acts of kindness) and how something good can come from which is bad. Bring light to others when you feel in darkness. Very sorry for my bad english, gets bad when I don’t use it for so long. Wishing for you you a year ahead of hapiness, better health, good memories and may God be with you. Much love to you and Vi (wishing goodluck for her op) , Laura

    Hi Laura, it is so nice to hear from you. We thank you for your kind thoughts.
    I am so very sorry to hear of your health issues. I send prayers and warm positive thoughts your way. Sometimes it may help a little to talk about our issues and I welcome you to do that here should you wish. I admire the way you have found acts of giving/kindness. You are a bright light in the darkness. When that light shines, it shines just as brightly for you as it does for those around you. Good job, hope you are able to keep it up.
    Your English is fine, never let something like that hold you back from sharing.
    You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill and Vi – gosh I too have got frustrated with ‘people’ over the floods and electrical outages here – do they think the government, and the electricity distributors, and the train-network rail guys want to be out and about in this weather .. it’s not their fault – … so couldn’t agree more – and I don’t let it affect me: learnt to ignore things that I can do nothing about …

    Hope things are settling down weather wise for you .. all the best Hilary

    It makes life so much easier, don’t sweat the small stuff or anything we have no control over and take none of it personally

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