Vi’s surgery

Spent yesterday morning at the hospital. To change things up, this time Vi was the patient. Her surgery date has been set at Jan. 22nd.

we had thought we would be getting an explanation of exactly what it is they are planning, how they are going to deal with the blockages. Well, we got the date. She went for blood work, EKG and X-ray’s. I guess they wanted up dated info to help finalize their decision. They will be calling to set a pre-op appointment for next week. Then meet with doctors to discuss options, plans etc.

3 Responses to Vi’s surgery

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Glad to hear you guys have a date. All the best for it, I will try to make sure I think of Vi (and you) on the day.



    Thank you

  2. Mel says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed! I’m so glad the issue is being addressed. Vi can’t be compromising her health and wellbeing. You’re both important to each other and it matters that you both get what you need. *sigh*
    Just caring about you both. I’ll hope for a good, clear path for fixing the issues. And for steady handed surgeons.

    Thanks Mel. It is one of those things that will be so nice to get over and done with. How are you doing?

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill and Vi .. well they’re keeping a good eye on both of you apparently ..

    I’m sure all will go well – all the best in 2014 – Hilary

    Hi Hilary and thank you. Yes, we are both so very lucky to have the medical care we do. For Vi the date has been changed to Feb. 5th. She will be having 3 procedures done all at the same time. She will be laid up for a bit that is for sure. Prayers would be appreciated.

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