2014 will be the best year yet

Well the New Year is not off to the best start. Both Vi and I have wicked colds. Those deep in your chest colds, hurts to breathe. Coughing is a real ouch. It’s really been dragging on since just after Christmas. Had a wild New Years Eve, both asleep by about 9:00. 

So how can I say it will be the best year ever. Well most of my life I have “TRIED” to live with this thought in mind:

If you have a bad morning, well that is a good thing. You can only have so much ka-ka piled on you in a day and you have it out of the way for that day.

Have a bad day, well that is a good thing. You got that out of the way for the week.

Have a bad week….. It is out of the way for the month.

I could carry that list on endlessly. Keeping with that thought process. The way it has started, the rest of the year will be great.

I am just sitting here thinking of years gone by. Of being excited to a small degree, thinking of an approaching New Year. Thinking the the upcoming year would be better. It signalled a time of new beginnings a fresh start to life. Really for me back the it was just a time for a good party. By the mere fact we hung a new calendar on the wall really had no real meaning as to anything being different in my life. There were times I made resolutions. But any I made were big life changing or life style changing things that even as I was “making” them, deep down I knew there wasn’t a real chance I would or could fulfill them. Even knowing this I still felt disappointed in myself when I didn’t follow through. Really, I was setting myself up to start the New Year by quickly failing. Not a good tone to start the year with.

Some how, some where along the line I have come to what for me is an important realization. I don’t need a calendar to mark a time of new beginnings or a fresh start.

I have come to realize and appreciate, every single moment marks a new beginning. It is the first moment of the rest of our lives. To me every moment is to be celebrated


3 Responses to 2014 will be the best year yet

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Very wise words. Every day is a new day, hey, every minute is new. 🙂

    Right on. Every second marks a new beginning of the rest of our lives

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – we really should all learn that each second of each minute of each day counts for so much .. I sincerely hope the two of you ease up shortly and feel better – with thoughts – Hilary
    Thank you, Hilary

  3. Mel says:

    G-d love ya Bill…I think you really have a good “each day is a new beginning” attitude.
    As one who struggled with putting things off, or planning to do that next week, next month or next year….I think I put the “pro” in procrastination.
    And I was fairly good at checking off the day as “crap” by 7am. LOL. Boy the things I cheated myself out of.
    No more….I like being in charge too much to let something decide my day for me! 🙂
    right on only we get to decide our day

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