Retain good memories

Over Christmas I was on a real emotional high. Hey my whole family was here, how could I not be on cloud 9. I have 2 beautiful daughters that I love so much and am so very proud of. Son-in-laws, I couldn’t ask for better. Well then we get to my grand daughters, each a princess within the realm of my heart. Each so different, three little individuals each just as special in there own way.

It seems anticlimactic or like a big let down or something. That special time is over, precious memories were created. Heart melting moments and memories. I am struggling trying to find a special spot in this memory bank of mine so I can hang on to the memory of each moment. With this memory of mine, I have been known to just lose blocks of time. This is a block of time to precious to ever lose.

5 Responses to Retain good memories

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. I am so pleased you had such a happy time – and were totally able to immerse yourself in both your daughter’s families – and then have Vi with you too.

    I hope some photos were taken – so perhaps those will bring back and keep the memories alive a little longer ..

    Happy New Year and a peaceful enjoyable 2014 – cheers Hilary

    All the very best to you in New Year, my friend.
    Many, many photos were taken. I look at them everyday. The way my memory seems to work is I seem to just lose blocks of time. There have been other events were after the fact I have seen pictures of what ever it was. So I know I was there but any memory of it is just gone.
    I will always have the pictures to remind me. It is the memory of the heart melting, heart warming feelings. It was such a very special time for me. Not sure if that makes sense

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Glad you had fun. Try not to worry, do you have photos? My dad gets big holes in his memory too. Just make sure you keep talking about the fun you had an reminiscing with Vi, that’ll help you remember longer, too.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.


    Thank you my friend, all the very best wishes being sent your way

  3. Betty says:

    Wonderful memories and more memories to make in 2014. Bill, wishing you and Vi a very Happy New Year.
    Thank you Betty, the same good wishes right back to you

  4. Mel says:

    Right, I say you have Vi find you three ornament display stands and display those great ornaments where you can see them every day
    ( ) She can find them at Walmart. Memories are held on to better when tactile things are attatched to them. Feeling the ornaments, smelling the fingernail polish (LOL….have her pick up a funky colour of polish when she’s there–it’ll amuse the grands that grandad has his own!!), it really does serve to keep memories ‘fresher’. A candle of cinnamon and spice does it for me since I seem to hang on to scents for some reason. Try it…might work for ya. And a skype session or two might help some of that letdown lessen. Imagine the giggles when they discover you have your own polish. 😉

    And plan the next trip, the next call…not having that set makes it tougher for me too….so you’re not alone.
    Hey Mel, thank you for the suggestions. I really like the idea of the ornament holders. They are beautiful, too special to be just packed away until next year.
    We do use Face Time (like Skype) often which is always nice. I am going to go into Vi’s nail polish collection and claim two for my own. I’ll send the girls a picture, telling them I have it all ready for the next visit. Putting polish on my nails requires a special skill that only they have. Meaning there will be NO polish going on until I see them, I am kind of fussy about how, where, when and WHO does my nails

  5. Mary says:

    Happy New Year to you & Vi. Good luck with your Dr. Appointment Vi. Thinking of both of you. XXOO

    Hi Mary, Happy New Year to you and the entire family out there.
    Vi actually has an appointment on Monday. They called want blood work done and to sit down and discuss the plan of action. I will let you know or put up a post or something once we know what is going on.

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