Funeral/memorial Service

Several months ago I wrote of the passing of my dear cousin Joe. For very understandable family reasons his Memorial service was delayed until this past Friday. Physical distance prevented us from attending. Speaking to other family I am told it was a beautiful memorial befitting the man Joe was.

I ask for prayers please for the family as they head into this first Christmas without him. Personally, I believe that while he now resides in Heaven, there is someway in which his Spirit will be with the family. Knowing Joe, even while in Heavenly form, he will be beside himself trying to provide comfort and support.

Merry Christmas Joe, you are so missed


2 Responses to Funeral/memorial Service

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – this was lovely .. I heard from someone who agreed with me .. that all who have gone before will have the happy memories of us that we have of them .. he was missing my mother, who used to live in the flat below and her great friends, who lived next door .. and other elderly – all of who have passed on … while two new owners are enjoying those flats now.

    Thanks for posting about Joe – we have a few here who I will be thinking about, who have recently passed on .. my thoughts are for the families as these first days along that first year … with many thoughts Hilary

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Thanks for that post. There’s a couple of people we’ll be thinking about, too.



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