Christmas Cheer/Stress

Now this may be just the way I see things going on around me and I could be wrong. It is just that it seems to me the Christmas season is becoming more and more frantic, more and more stressful. I am not trying to say this applies to all but to most to some degree at least.

I have even heard a few comments along the line of “I just can’t wait to get it over with”. I hear that and just think how sad is that. For many it seems the holiday spirit, the loving joy associated with this time of the year has been replaced by the stress, the worry about buying just the right gifts and fighting through the massive crowds at the malls. For some they will be hosting a joyous, loving family gathering. Wow, then there is the added pressure of all the cooking, the pressure of making the meal the perfect Christmas feast.

For so many the days, weeks or even months leading up to Christmas become such a frantic “panic”, we are to exhausted to even enjoy and appreciate the time. The big day comes and in the blink of an eye it is gone for another year. No wonder some are left wondering was it all even worth all the effort?
My simple thought is NO, it is not worth the stress, the effort and particularly the expense we put ourselves through.
First off we are missing the whole point of the season. It is to celebrate a special birth, that is a big deal to me and I will be writing about that. But, that is not the purpose of this post.
I am thinking of the gift giving. There are times when the best gift is a no brainer but usually not. Now suppose you knew a spouse a sibling or really anyone was stressed, exhausted out searching for that perfect gift for you. What are you likely to tell that person: “relax, don’t sweat it, anything is fine.” Do you think they may feel the same way about you getting all stress.
I could ramble on here forever but need my nap

7 Responses to Christmas Cheer/Stress

  1. rangewriter says:

    I wish telling people not to sweat it would actually relieve them of their mixed up emotions. But in my experience, most people really don’t believe me when I say that. They think I’m just being kind or polite. And I have actually instigated family squabbles by trying to opt out of traditional gift exchanges. It’s territory fraught with misunderstanding and ill-conceived beliefs.

    I wish YOU a very mellow but happy holiday.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – have a peaceful and blessed Christmas to all of yours and you and Vi .. Hilary
    Thank you Hilary and the very warmest wishes back to you and yours

  3. Mel says:

    I’ve become the easiest person to shop for. When folks ask–it’s simple…..a toy! And I seriously mean that, as you can well guess.
    As a result, I have a GREAT toy chest or two…..LOL And I’m never in want for things to play with. Every once in a while I cart some off to the worksite’s toy chest and make room for new ones! Easy peasy. Bubbles are near and dear to my heart, as you well know. 😉

    It is a stressful time for folks….me included. It’s been my ‘clue’ that I really need to spend a bit more time coming to really ‘know’ a few folks in my life. If I’m coming up ‘blank’…….pretty good indicator, huh? It has been stressful (mostly situational on my part) and I’ve struggled to get things done that normally are a bit more easy for me. But we’re set, I think–just waiting for the event and the delivering of goodies to the neighbors and friends.
    I’m going to hope things are all set for you and yours–and that the holiday can now take on that ‘absence of stress’ as you celebrate the birth of your Saviour.

    Happy Christmas sir–to you and yours.
    *hugs and happy holiday songs sent your way* 😉
    Hey Mel, toys are always good. We have 2 good sized boxes full of them. Everything from Barbies- Lego- cars and trucks. Great for when any kids are over.
    Good for you in getting it all done, you are dealing with quite the physical handicap. I hope things are improving.
    As for blowing bubbles. OK, I have never tried this but I just read that if you blow bubbles when the temp is at least -32. They come out as little ice bubbles. Sounds cool going to have to try it.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. All the very best in the New Year

  4. M T McGuire says:

    I confess to being one such scrooge probably until this year. We have two sets of elderly parents who live 800 miles apart. Neither of them can really come to us that easily and we can’t be with both at once. I therefore start feeling guilty and worried about whichever set we’re not with in about September and it gets worse and worse as time goes on until by about mid December I’m usually on my knees begging for it all to be over.

    Then there’s packing for the journey, remembering all the presents, organising McMini and myself, getting it all into the car… the huge delay on the motorway due to the accident/high winds/blizzard/post blizzard untreated road/ice storm (delete as appropriate).

    It is only since McMini came along that the undeniable pleasure of the day, itself, has come anywhere close to ameliorating the weeks and days of mind bending, gut wrenching, guilty misery and pressure over the the build up. I think this year, getting presents over the course of the year helped a bit and I had a book deadline so I didn’t have time to worry.


    MTMWhen family is spread it certainly does make it more difficult but yet we seem to manage. For me having little ones around changes the entire atmosphere, the mood, everything. Hope your Christmas was wonderful

  5. Cat says:

    My holiday stress comes mainly from trying to squeeze in time to see everyone who wants to see us. Any holiday is spread out between three different households and when the planning emails start rolling in I can feel my blood pressure rising. The sad thing is I really love celebrating the holidays – I just feel like I don’t have enough time any more! I also love shopping for gifts for everyone, but again, just feel so pressured for time. It doesn’t help that I have a difficult schedule to accommodate and that my birthday falls the week before Thanksgiving, which adds more “let’s get together!” invitations to the mix.

    This year was pretty nice. We declined one invitation as we just couldn’t make it, went to one family celebration on Christmas Eve, which was lovely, and are doing the other family celebration in January due to scheduling conflicts with my siblings. I’m thrilled to have the extra time to finish shopping and have a little break before the next big get-together!

    You’re right, Bill – it’s sad how stressful the holidays have become, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Frankly, I have everything I need and if I want something, I can buy it for myself. Receiving gifts is always nice, but I’m just as happy asking people to donate to a charity in lieu of giving me a gift.

    Hi Cat, nice to hear from you. Isn’t it an amazing thing about time. It is our greatest, our most precious asset. It is our most taken for granted and unappreciated asset and can be all at the same time one of the greatest causes of stress in our lives.
    I’m glad you were able to get it all worked out to have a good Christmas.
    I am with you on the gifts. Asked before hand what I would want for Christmas and I really could not come up with a single idea. I had not even thought of the Christmas tree ornaments as they were. Material cost very little, emotional, heart melting value is truly priceless

  6. methenandnow says:

    Its a whole lot of childhood politics and rescue goodwill….

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