My Birthday

Well another birthday has come and gone. I am sure it was a wonderful day, I slept through most of it. Morning nap, long afternoon nap and then early to bed. The parts of the day I saw were really good. Lynelle (stepdaughter) came in with Sadie and Seth. Having young kids around just brightens any occasion.

The kids and I have a hug stealing game going on. Catch the other off guard and steal a hug. Poppa here likes this game. I feel like a winner no matter which way the “stealing” goes. Any game has to have rules. Ours are simple. Hugs can be stolen at any time except if you are in your bedroom, the bathroom or at the table eating. Score keeping, keeping track of who has stolen the most hugs, is left in their hands. How those records are calculated can sometimes be a little mystifying, to the point it is a fore drawn conclusion that based on their reported scores I am destined to loose badly. With all those hugs going on I can’t help but feel the winner


6 Responses to My Birthday

  1. Betty says:

    Belated Birthday Greetings Bill. Sorry I missed your special day. Did make a donation to the Siloam Mission’s recovery yesterday. Hope this little gesture on your special day is a worthy gift for you.
    hi Betty, it is terrible what happened at the mission, especially at this time of year. Yes, this a more than worthy gift for which I thank you so much as I am sure does the mission. Any act irregardless of size is more than worthy

  2. Mary says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Greetings Bill, I knew Dec 13 was a day to celebrate and I am glad you did! Mannnnnnnny more. Mary & Bud
    Hi Mary, I thank you both for the good wishes

  3. Mel says:

    Awwww….there’s something better than hugs from small children on your birthday?
    I adore they’re stolen and someone’s keeping tabs on it all. I’ll have to try that with the grandchild now that she can count past 90! LOL
    Wow, Mel counting to 90 is big. That means a lot of hugging going on. Have fun with it

  4. M T McGuire says:

    Happy Birthday Bill! The hug game sounds absolutely brilliant. I’ll have to work out something like that for New Year with McMini and the cousins.


    It is a game that is a lot of fun. Win or lose according to the “official score keepers”, I always feel I came out a winner. Try it out

  5. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – quite understand the hugging game – good for you .. cheers Hilary
    thank you it is a wonderful game. I enjoy it so much.

  6. lypenner says:

    Happy Birthday Bill. I was thinking of you last Friday. I still have to pull off the random kindness in honor of your birthday. Does driving my adult son home to his apartment a few times a week count? 🙂 No seriously, I’ll think of something else and let you know.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. In my books driving your son home should count. You could have made him walk or take the bus. I will look forward to here what more you come up with. What you did last year was awesome

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