It’s been a tough month

I am happy to be back. I have missed being here with my blogging friends.

a realization has hit me. Depending on where you are in your life circumstances or your life situation will largely determine your feelings or reactions to the little bumps you may hit on the highway of life. For me this past month the ride has been a little bumpy. Yeah, it may have thrown me off stride a little but nothing compared to the panic it would have caused in years gone by, not even close. I suppose I am just trying to say how adaptable we are. We can adapt our thinking to the reality of our own situation, with this “adapted” thinking comes our new or different reactions. I suppose that could be a positive or a negative.
Had a big plan at the beginning of the month. My dear cousin Joe passed very recently, prostate cancer took him. His son also Joe decided to rally some of the family to raise money for the fight against this terrible disease. It is Movember, November is a month can quit standing as close to the razor. Solicit donations in turn for which we grow a moustache. Well I already had the moustache so decided to go for the full beard, then at the end of the month have Vi “style” it. Have all sorts of designs cut into it as it grew down from the moustache. I was sure it would be a new style or tend setter.
Joe set up a team called the Howdle boys on the Movember web site. I sighed up for the team.
From this experience I learned 2 things. First, back years ago I actually sported a short well trimmed beard. It came off about 15 years ago. It was dark brown with a reddish hue to it. It grows out now and it is GRAY. I don’t know what happened to it.
Secondly, I learned extra facial hair and the CPAP breathing machine don’t necessarily go together that well and it had to come off early.
Have had appointments with both the heart failure clinic and neurologist. Each are very good. Each specialize in their own parts of the body. It seems as each specialty prescribes the best medications for my condition, they may not always have the best possible side effects for the other specialty. More tests up coming and will get sorted out

4 Responses to It’s been a tough month

  1. lypenner says:

    Happy to hear you are back in the blogging world, Bill! And glad to hear that you are adapting better than you used to to the curveballs life sends your way. All the best to you and Vi, I was praying for you both yesterday.

    **** Thank you Lydia, prayers are always welcome and appreciated. I think it is the many prayers that have kept me going.

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Sorry to hear the beard didn’t come off, or at least, did. Glad they’re sorting out the clashing medication. Good to have you back. 🙂

    ****If it had gone to plan, I’m sure it would have been a hit. Just not sure about all that GRAY. Lol

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – well good for you for joining with the Howdle boys and growing some extra hair .. sorry about the colour scheme – the fairies obviously got in with the wrong dye!

    CPAP machines are a great help .. a few people around the blogosphere have them – so I imagine it helps you a great deal .. but can quite see how escaping hair needed to be trimmed.

    Good to know that everyone is helping .. and hope that the balance in the drugs can be sorted out for you …

    Cheers to you and Vi and the family – Hilary

  4. Mary says:

    Reading your blog has given me a new prospective on life. I’m 59 and somedays (most) feel as if I have just been enduring life and not living it. Kids are grown and have lives of their own. Job that I enjoy and work too many hours at but that is not really living is it? I have great friends but don’t spend enough time with them. Recently I found out one dear friend is dying. She has 2 months to live. I was searching the internet to find out “what do I say to a dying friend?” and I came upon your blog. I don’t know that I have the answer to that question, but what I found on your blog is that life is about living. I should have known that right? but somehow we get stuck in our world a feeling sorry for ourselves because our kids don’t write or call often enough. But isn’t that what I did to my parents as well, although unintentionally? Still I’m sure that it was painful for them as well when I didn’t call enough or write enough. Through your blog I realized I need to get a life. Seriously. I need to get out there and do things while I still have my health. Thank you. I hope you continue to do well. As for my friend who’s dying, I will be visiting with her soon and letting her know that I love her and that I along with all of her other friends will watch out for her children and grandchildren and be there for them whenever were needed. Thank you for the kick in the but.
    Welcome to the blog and I thank you so much for taking the time to comment as you have. So much of what you have written pretty much describes the story of most of my life. If my words have given any encouragement I am very glad. Life is to be lived, not just endured. But how we live it is left entirely up to us

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