Over did it at the gym

Yesterday, things didn’t go so well at the gym. I have been feeling really go about going. The first few visits I was pretty cautious about how much I exerted, how hard I pushed myself. Gradually, I experimented pushing myself harder and faster. Now by that I mean harder and faster by my standards.

The Wellness Centre is an excellent facility an indoor track and dozens of various pieces of exercise equipment. The indoor track is, I suppose quite small. On the inside walking lane one lap is about 200 steps. When I first started I could only make it about 1/2 a lap or about 100 steps. After a few trips to the gym I started to think this is silly. If I just dig down and just push on, I can make an entire lap, I mean it is only another 100 steps. I see now became a pattern, continually digging down pushing harder and harder. I pushed up to 3 laps after which I was a gasping, panting sweaty mess.

Yesterday, it all caught up to me. I got a stabbing chest pain that stopped me in my tracks. Thankfully, I was but feet from a rest stop. I always carry my nitro spray with me, plus I wear a nitro patch. I gave myself the spray under the tongue which did dull the pain. Procedure is with the pain you give yourself a spray under the tongue right away. If the pain isn’t gone in 5 minutes a second shot under the tongue. If required a 3rd shot again 5 minutes later while you are calling the ambulance. OK, the pain is dulled but definitely not gone. It is getting close to the time for the second spray. I realize I am in a medical facility attached to a hospital, maybe I should tell someone what is going on. Wow, talk about response time, I had a nurse at my side in maybe 30 seconds. Long story short. I took that second shot of nitro and everything settled down. I was banned from the track for the day, sent home to rest. That I did got in one of my 6 hour naps.

As it turned out it was a nothing event but I am glad it happened. In my 15 or 20 minutes of recovery time I had the chance to really talk to the nurse. Doing that extra pushing is not always a good thing especially if you are a heart patient. I have less than 60% of a functioning heart! the medications I am on (one to control my heart rate, left by itself it seems to speed up even up into the 200 beats per minute) controls my heart rate so that no matter what it will not beat faster than somewhere in the 80’s. For me pushing it should not go beyond what would be considered low to moderate for others. Taking a few days off but I will be back.


3 Responses to Over did it at the gym

  1. Mel says:

    I’m relieved to hear that you’re okay. And I’m glad you figured out you were at a medical facility. Seriously, stuff like that empties out of our heads when we’re in a crisis. Talk about a scary moment.
    Heck, I’m even grateful you were banned! LOL. MORE is not always better. I can say that to you and hang my head knowing I suffer from that same thinking.
    Easy does it. My PT fella told me that it’s ‘slow and purposeful’ that will make things different. And doing it repetitiously.
    Which is why I started with 4 blocks twice a day and whipped it right up to one mile once a day. LOL
    There’s room in that naughty corner for me too, right? 😉

    You rest and be smarter for the experience, eh!?

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. just glad all is well – and that was fortunate to be reassured to just do the easy part and not stress to do more …

    But so pleased you are ok … cheers Hilary

  3. Betty says:

    Bill, Easy does it next time. So glad all worked out for you and that assistance was quickly available. The plan of locating the Wellness Centre attached to a hospital was a well thought out plan. Hope this incident will not deter your exercise plan…..but don’t push. Obviously what you had been doing prior to the incident was already showing results. Take care and continue to enjoy you time at the gym as you are in good hands.

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