Trip to the dentist could save your life

Off to the dentist this morning. I wonder how many know that after a heart event it is a good idea to see your dentist, well it is always a good idea to regular dental appointments. Here we go again with another, as I understand it. Now as I have no medical training, I certainly not claiming any great knowledge here.
A simple dental check up can determine the health of your mouth. There are various gum diseases that can wreak havoc on your entire system and given the right circumstances even lead to a heart attack. I’ll ask the dentist to further explain it to me.

Still faithfully attending the gym. I am amazed to see how my body is changing. Arms have real definition to the muscles, as do the legs. Breathing has improved a lot. But with that I have really noticed something. The air in the gym is temperature and humidity controlled. With that air I am able to do much more than anywhere else. Temperature and humidity seem to do me in.

OK, I am seeing results but not so much with the stomach either in my weight or even inches lost.

I realize I haven’t really written about my edema. Fluid retention is an on going battle. I take daily medication to help pass water even with that I constantly have excess fluid on board. Weekly I take a ” mega” pill. On those days I can easily drop 7 or 8 pounds. This excess fluid adds both weight and bulk. Makes it hard to judge progress.

5 Responses to Trip to the dentist could save your life

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – I know a trip to the dentist can identify disease and suggest further examination – it hasn’t happened to me … but I do know that it has helped crises in others …

    Oedema must be very challenging to live with … at least to a point it can be controlled … take care and with thoughts – Hilary

  2. M T McGuire says:

    My dad has oedema with his heart, it’s a real pain. As for saving your life, the dentist and I think the optician, too, can pick up general health signs from your eyes. I may be wrong though.



  3. M T McGuire says:

    Hang on, that didn’t make sense, obviously I didn’t mean that the dentist could pick up health stuff form your eyes… I meant the dentist can see stuff from your mouth and gums, like you said and that I’d heard opticians can do the same kind of thing with your eyes.

    Here ends the post from the woman chanelling Homer. And me a writer too. Shocking!



  4. Mel says:

    *laughing at MT* Thanks for making me chuckle and helping me feel a bit more ‘normal’!

    Boy, Bill….sounds like that retention stuff is a pain. When you’re talking 7-8 pounds, I can imagine the stress that puts on the whole body, not just your heart. I’m really impressed with the routine you’ve gotten into and I’m doubly pleased that you’re pleased, sir! Sounds like it does you a whole lotta good, getting out there and racing folks around the track. 😉 You just stick at what helps you feel better and brings you a sense of accomplishment. It looks good on you! And I agree with you about dentists being able to detect more than cavities…more reasons to get past that fear and show up.

    456,799 hits by the way. 🙂

  5. Betty says:

    Bill, thank you for sharing such important information about proper dental care. I for one dislike going to the dentist with a passion (bad experience as a child), but I do go regularly. It is so important for everyone, healthy or not. Personally, having a mechanical heart valve I even have to be pretreated with antibiotics prior to most dental procedures. It is so important not to get an infection as it can easily travel to the heart…..that is definitely something nobody wants to happen. You know…….I think it is time to call my detist and make an appointment.

    I am so glad you remain faithful to your exercise plan. You don’t have to win any races, but obviously it is helping you….I cheer you on.

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