Vi update

We saw the surgeon yesterday about Vi’s legs. They have an action plan. Turns out she has a major calcified blockage in the arteries leading to each of her legs. She will require both surgery and an angioplasty on each side.  Understandably she is a little apprehensive.  Here in Canada the quality of medical care is excellent. It is just to get the care wait times are the norm.

it is expected to be into the New Year before she is called in.

5 Responses to Vi update

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Glad there’s a plan. I hope the wait is soon over.

  2. Mel says:

    I’m ever so glad to hear they’ve got a plan that will rectify the problem(s). Waiting….not one of my favorite things either. Neither is fear, and I’m sure there’s an element of that tossed in there, too. I gotta trust that all will be well, and that this truly will bring her some much needed relief.
    Please let Vi know that there are folks out here praying for her and sending on positive thoughts. Hopefully the wait will be a short one. You hang in there too, eh? *hugs*

  3. mark lowe says:

    Sounds like its in the best hands hope it goes to plan 🙂

  4. Betty says:

    I am so happy there is finally a plan for Vi and of course it is normal to be apprehensive. I hope Vi can look beyond the procedure to when her problem is solved and she once again can live without the pain and discomfort she now has to deal with. Wishing only the best for you both and hoping the wait time goes by quickly.

  5. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill and Vi .. it does sound like you are in good hands – and that the New Year will bring relief for Vi …

    With thoughts – Hilary

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