Not living is worse than dying

I have come to realize over all this time. In my mind there is something worse than dying. What could be worse than that?

To me, not living, life while we have it is far worse. I know, I was right there on the treadmill that can become our lives. Constantly running just trying to keep up with the events of the day. The pace is ever increasing to the point where any day we get through with out having to face some sort of catastrophe becomes our definition of a good day. I was there and know what that is like.

Out transition into that thinking comes on so slowly we don’t even realize it is happening. That process becomes our norm, what we expect for our days. Now, I ask, if my expectation of tomorrow is another frenzied day after which I will just flop into bed utterly exhausted. Content that I have made it through one more day and happy if I made it through that day without having to face and deal with some sort of crisis. Is that living life or just putting in our time until our days are done?

Granted our days are busy, that is just life today. I so very much wish I could have seen and appreciated the value of time in my younger, healthier years. I wasted far to much of it allowing myself to get upset, stressed. Each second I spent like that was time gone forever.

One example. I hated waiting in line ups be that in traffic or even getting through the line at the check out in a store. It was wasting so much of my time. “This store should have more check out tills open, don’t they realize they are wasting my time making me stand here waiting like this”

I took me a long time to realize in a situation like that, it was not the store causing me to waste my precious time. I was, I was doing it to myself. I was there and nothing I could do about it. I could have used it as quiet time, done some people watching, used the time to quietly de -stress. I deprived myself of that time. Think about your day really how much precious time do you waste.

a second of negativity is a second of joy gone forever

3 Responses to Not living is worse than dying

  1. M T McGuire says:

    So, so true. It’s hackneyed to say it but Happiness is a state of mind. So much of it is about how you look at things.



  2. Mel says:

    I agree with ya…I’ve learned to use those times that I’m standing in line to make a connection with someone else in the line, or to wish the clerk a lovely day cuz no doubt she’s had an earful of irritated customers that she really didn’t create. I used to be one of ’em.

    There are many many moments in the day (as of late) that I find myself simply ‘getting through’. Pretty sure that’s an indicator of an ‘attitude adjustment’ being needed.
    Me and my attitude can make or break any moment of any day–period.
    I like the closing sentence–yup–I cheat myself out of a whole LOT of Joy.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. I’ve felt that way too … but when my mother and my uncle were both ill and I was exhausted … standing in line was my pleasure – it was peace, blissful … I didn’t have to think or worry .. just wait patiently – then one of the store staff came and asked me if I wanted to go to another line … I think they were surprised to find I was upset at being interrupted and said politely! I didn’t .. thank you … but the magic of that brief moment had gone.

    I understand .. and yes I’ve always tried to do things that make my life easy … or easier in some situations … cheers Hilary

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