Sweating the big stuff

I really believe in not sweating the small stuff. I think we all agree with that idea. Why is it so hard to put into practice? In the heat of the moment, issues came be blown way out of proportion. It is only later we can sit back and often even laugh about it, see it for what it was, small stuff. I often try to use my 3 month rule. What ever I am dealing with as big as it may seem at that moment. I try to use the though process, in 3 months is this something I am likely to care about, laugh about or even remember .

to try and put things in a little prospective as you are running through your days. Let me tell of a real life experience happening at this moment to a good friend and neighbour of ours. He is well advanced in years with congestive heart failure (sounds familiar). Doctors have indicated he a now in palliative care (again sounds familiar), doctors have said it is a matter of days, possibly weeks (hmm, I have heard those same words). nothing more can be done (yikes). It is at this point that quality of life vs quantity of life becomes a major consideration. Acceptable amount of quality is just no longer there. He was hospitalized at the time and largely at his request and reluctant agreement of family it was decided to cease all medication, placing it all in the hands of our Heavenly Father.  With a DNR in place there is nothing that could be done in the hospital that can’t be done at home. Home is is preference and at home he is.

Now begins that terrible waiting game. I think of him just laying there, literally knowing he is just waiting to die. I think of the emotion, the pain the family is feeling as they sit awaiting that same end.

I ask you to just think about that. How does your day look now?

2 Responses to Sweating the big stuff

  1. Mel says:

    ((( Bill ))) This one’s a tough one, Bill. I know what you’re saying. And I know it’s about perspective. I’m clear what I’m dealing with today–ain’t NOTHING compared to what a whole lot of folks are dealing. And you’re right. We could all benefit from pausing to figure out if we really wanna react and let the circumstances claim our energy and cheat us out of happiness/joy. Was a time I didn’t mind the drama–gave me an excuse for being a jerk. *sigh* True.

    Life really is too short to spend it in the drama.
    People like the fine man next door are struggling to just breathe and to make it hour to hour. The family must be horribly sad and frightened.
    We all have our trials and some are bigger than others…some are life altering. I guess I’ve learned to ‘feel what I feel and think what I think’ without letting it become my whole day or my whole life. Some days I think I do okay with that. Other days……I need to read here or somewhere else that’ll give me that kick in the pants so I can remember how very graced I truly am.
    Sending prayers. I’m so sorry, Bill. I know this one’s a tough one.

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. a friend said to me over the weekend .. a family member or the nearest and dearest travels with their loved one along the final path … and just give them as much peace, joy and happiness as possible .. so that the journey is one of satisfaction – ie we the living have done our best … at the most difficult time of life – the end.

    With thoughts – Hilary

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