Cycle of life

This is Canada after all and my front step sitting time is mostly over, just to cold. I spent a few minutes out there this morning just to look at the front lawn. It is beautiful completely covered in gold. The gold being all of the leaves falling from mostly the massive Elm tree in the front yard. Seasons come and go there is such beauty in each one.

Talking to a few neighbours, I seem to be the only one that seems to see or appreciate this beauty. Look, see and appreciate what is there while it is there And it is those leaves that are there now. Yes, there is the work now of raking, cleaning them up. But that doesn’t change the beauty of this moment.

If we really look nature so clearly shows us the cycles of life. Now I am thinking of that mighty Oak tree out in front. If based only on current physical appearance, it would seem to be dying. Leaves have lost all of their beautiful green colour are sagging and with any bit of wind are falling. Over these next winter months if based on physical appearance will be dead.

We all know the tree in spite of appearance is not dead. I am not sure what term to use here, the soul of the tree, the essence or spirit of that tree is still very much there. The essence of life remains hidden deep within.

Using physical appearance as our guide that “dead” tree will almost appear to be reborn every spring. That is the cycle of life.

we see that everywhere around us. Know what I am trying to say but struggling with wording. The cycle of life repeats itself we can see that everywhere.

 Really, does it make any sense that we as humans would be exempt from that. I have my own thoughts and beliefs as to what lies beyond. In my mind it can make no sense to think it will all end here. There is something more. Thoughts vary wildly on what that is. What are your thoughts?

PS. Mother Nature added an additional bonus. I got to see the lawn beautifully carpeted with leaves. Within an hour or so the wind picked up virtually clearing the lawn.

3 Responses to Cycle of life

  1. M T McGuire says:

    I’m absolutely certain some part of us goes on. I believe there is a soul simply through two unexplainable things that happened to me when pregnant. First with a little one I lost and then with my boy. I can’t really say more than that without sounding like a nutter.



    ******I for one would love to hear of your experiences. Trust me, you would never be considered a “nutter”. If any other comments should ever be posted even suggesting any thing like that (which I really doubt would happen). That comment would be deleted the moment I see it.
    I would be very interested as encourage you to share.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I agree with you one hundred percent, beauty and miracles are everywhere, we simply have to change our perception of the view.
    Once we learn to live in the moment our lives take on more meaning, we are able to really appreciate our time here on earth, knowing that someday our winter will come and we too will be stripped of our leaves.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. the seasons come and go, but we … the bits that make up life on this planet … be we human, plants, trees or animals of various sorts … also live our life according to our time … we recognise and applaud life … as you do: that carpet of yellow, changed back to green with one big blow from the ?wind!

    Lovely to read .. cheers Hilary

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