Princesses in the realm of my heart

Any that have followed the blog for any time may have noticed I spoken of the 3 little princesses that have such a big claim on my heart, my grand daughters. Several times in the past I got myself into “trouble” for writing about things that were not for the blog. Memory guy here apparently in spite of being superficially requested not to would 3 or 4 days later write about it, oops, sorry.

it seemed best all around or safest for grandpa to just not write about any specifics. Well I have that ban at least partially lifted. So here goes the proud grandpa. I do love each equally you will be hearing how wonderful each is in their own way.
Today I am high lighting little Miss Emery as yesterday was her birthday. Happy birthday Emery, I love you very much. Now 4 year old Miss Emery has been excitedly awaiting her birthday. I am sure much of the excitement was more about the birthday party. Now let’s jump back a month or so ago, to when they were thinking about and planning this up coming party. She wanted a bowling party. Apparently there is a bowling alley that can set up age appropriate settings. Great.
Now Billie, Rob and the kids have been very active in supporting charities in a part of Kenya. That is another amazing story I will get into another day. Anyway through that they learned of a program to give a kid a goat, how it helps the kid and entire family. That thought made a real impression on little Miss Emery.
Back to the party planning. At the time the invitations are being prepared. Emery approached her mom asking if there was a way she could ask for money instead of presents. Billie being a little surprised why money instead of presents. Little princess Emery stated, she wanted the money so SHE could buy a goat for a child in Africa. Billie was taken back, I am in awe. A 4 year old wanting to for go birthday presents for herself to instead buy a goat for a child in Africa. That just blows my mind, I am in awe and so very, very proud.
Billie put a little note to the parents explaining what Emery wanted to do.
Princess Emery was just beside herself with joy when it was over and she learned she had enough money to buy 5 goats. When she began to calm down a little a sobering thought hit her. She wanted to be sure the goats were shared with not all going to one child.
Emery I think it was such a wonderful thing you have done. Grandpa is so very, very proud of you. I love you more than you will ever know.
How often have I declared myself to be a proud grandpa but an example of why. All 3 princesses are equally wonderful in their own way.

3 Responses to Princesses in the realm of my heart

  1. Granny Vi says:

    This is Granny Vi, I also thought, what a caring and thoughtful idea Emery had for her birthday request. It is not an usual act for a 4 year old to come up with this unselfish giving. The world would certainly be a much better place if we could all behave so kindly.

    Hey Vi, I agree with you totally, well you already knew that. Nice to see you here

  2. Mel says:


    Okay……that’s an amazing unselfish thing for a 4 year old to ask for. Heck, it’d be amazing for a 40 year old to ask for it, but 4?! Small wonder the two of you are proud of that one–and of the parents for instilling the value in her.
    LOL I’m thrilled she has enough for 5! Holy moly–and she wanted to make sure that was one for five families…LOL…..ah, what a keeper, that one.

    Amazing. The world needs more Emery’s, indeed.

    *waving at Granny Vi*

    Now, that being said…..*ahem*
    Whatcha want for YOUR birthday this year sir?

    Hey Mel, you are so right she is a real keeper. Just as amazing though is I have 2 more grand daughters Princesses Sage and Malieka. Each in their own way are just as wonderful. See why I consider myself to be so blessed.
    Thanks for the reminder. I should get on my birthday request. I am truly hoping for a lot of gifts this year. Can you or anyone guess what that gift request will be.
    Wow, 500,000 hits is on my fantasy bucket list, maybe, just maybe

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. Emery sounds an amazing child, as are her parents – no wonder you’re proud of them ..

    Congratulations to all her friends and family for those five goats – great idea .. and so lovely to read about.

    Happy Birthday Emery … cheers to one and all .. Hilary

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