I’m a lucky man

I am having a good day. I think mornings are my favorite time time of the day. My energy levels are at their highest. I enjoy my morning coffee while reading the newspaper, ah life is good. As I think about it, I realize it is enjoying the little things like this make life good and my morning coffee is good. I realize I am lucky as I have the time to be able to just sit, relax and enjoy it. No more rush, rush.
As I am just sitting here thinking I realize, I am lucky again. I really do need my afternoon naps and I have the luxury of being able to take those naps as I need as I please. How many people can do that?
Throw having Vi, the kids and grand kids. I am a lucky man.
Oh yeah, as for being lucky. I AM ALIVE, years past what any expected.
I am a lucky man, I have a blog through which I have met so many incredible people. I am a lucky man again with this blog in how it has carried on. Who ever though I would reach 1208 posts. Here we are post #1208


4 Responses to I’m a lucky man

  1. mark lowe says:

    Hi Bill ,always good to read you blogs puts my life into perspective , sounds like your in a good place at the minute , felt pretty good myself yesterday ,bin searching a long lost family member of a friend of mine and after digging around like I did with us thay had a reunion last night after 50yrs made me feel great inside 🙂 mark

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Congratulations Bill! I was looking at your bio a few posts back. I started reading when the number 60 was 54. Delighted you are going strong and enjoying life.

    Here’s to a lot more of it.



  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. good to know … Hilary

  4. Mel says:

    And indeed you are a lucky fella….just as we’re all lucky to have you.
    Morning coffee is always better when served with gratitude, huh?

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