Dying Man’s Daily Journal _ training for the Olympics

Now that I am attending the gym regularly for my “my hardcore” work out, I must be just whipping myself into top shape.

Now I haven’t quite decided which will be the event, I will very like “dominate”. But it will be in the racing group of events. Now I am sure all the other athletes out there are nervously awaiting my decision.

With my vigorous training I have established my base line or starting point.  Now I do realize my stats require may need a little working on.

Training stats to date . I walked 1/2 mile, picture me strutting around chest puffed out, hitching up my pants. Yup, I was out there just strutting my stuff. In one way I almost want to stop the post right here, I mean anything else, how important can that be?

OK, it was an on indoor oval track. The track has rest stops that I may have utilized on occasion. What does that leave, oh, I guess the time it took. Well that stat isn’t all that important. No wait if I am training for the Olympics, time may become a factor. I clocked in at 40 minutes. Geesh, I better pick the training up a notch. Lol. 40 minutes for the 1/2 mile. Hey it is a start

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal _ training for the Olympics

  1. Beatrice says:

    Way to go Bill!! Proud of you and keep it up! Have an awesome Sunday.
    God Bless

  2. M T McGuire says:

    I think you’re doing pretty well. Go Bill. 🙂

  3. Mel says:

    *laughing* You had me at the first bit of hitchin’ your pants up.
    You’re such a card! I bet the ladies at the track enjoy every minute of your charming self.

  4. rangewriter says:

    You get the gold for determination and living well!

  5. Betty says:

    Well done Bill. Not only is the exercise good for you but it also gets you out of the house.

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