Dying man’s Daily Journal – Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stephenson

Oops. I was poking through my draft posts and came across this one. I thought I had published this about a month ago. Must have hit save instead of publish or maybe I intended to add more can’t remember. Better late than never

In our travels we were honoured to have been invited to attend the wedding of much loved cousin Lori, daughter of my cousin Carol.

I know I won’t have the words to adequately describe how beautiful this wonderful event really was.

The ceremony itself was held outdoors in wonderful park. The day was perfect. Now to say the bride was beautiful is such an understatement, she was drop dead gorgeous. The groom equally attractive as guys go. The entire bridal party, the setting everything was perfect.

Now by my standards it was a hot day. Vi and I were kindly provided with seating in a shaded area, it was wonderful.

Now the wedding reception was nothing short of awesome.


There was the usual time of socializing before hand. Can’t recall the name of the MC but he was excellent. The formal part began. It was a huge hall with a large doorway through which a grand entrance could be made. We are all seated as the MC introduces the wedding party as each couple in turn enters and is seated. The big doors are closed as it is now time for the introduction of the bride and groom.
Well,such as can be with live events, timing can sometimes be a little off. The bridal party is seated and the MC receives a text message. Oops, Lori and Joe are running a little late but will be there as soon as they can. The MC is obviously flustered, not sure what to do. It is quickly decided a slide will be presented to keep us entertained. On the side of the hall were two huge screens.
What followed turned out to be an absolutely hilarious video. It began showing the couple at home, noticing the time and going into a panic realizing they would be late. What followed was the hilarious epic of their heroic efforts to get to the hall ASAP. It showed them doing everything from running down the highway, carrying each other on their backs, attempting to hitch hike. It showed numerous modes of transportation. The video ultimately showed them arriving at the hall seated in the back of a farm truck. The video continued showing them running into the hall and up to the doors through which they would make their entrance. As the video ended there, the doors opened and they made their entrance. Amazing, great job.
If I have one complaint, it would be about the food. Now the quality, taste everything was perfect. It was buffet style and the quantity was staggering and everything I tried really was amazing. OK, my complaint everything was so good my tummy filled up before I even got to sample everything offered. Picture me like Homer Simpson, stuffed to my limit and there was so much more I hadn’t even tried.
Old gimpy here never made it to the dance floor but did spend a great evening socializing
Congratulation Lori and Joe. May every day of your lives together be as wonderful as you wedding day. “May the very best day in your past, be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future”.

One Response to Dying man’s Daily Journal – Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stephenson

  1. Mel says:

    *laughing* Well, wasn’t that just the cutest idea for a grand entrance! Well done. And it really is a pity you didn’t get to sample everything on the buffet–but it’s just another reason to try it again, dontcha think? 😉

    Mel, it all was wonderful. Even going back for a second helping at the buffet wasn’t enough

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