Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I’m sorry to be so far behind in responding to comments. Please know I do read, appreciate and treasure every one of them. I am not sure how I can be so busy doing really nothing. Days just fly past. I have actually been trying to write a post, one that is very dear to my heart. I have said it before I am not a writer, I am a rambler. When I do try to actually compose/write a post I find myself going in circles get frustrated and decide to try again later. I am going to give that post one more go, if that doesn’t work, I give up on that idea. I am going to just sit down with the idea in my head and let the rambling begin. What comes will go up as the post. Huh, thought just hit me. Maybe I do that going in circles thing when I ramble on. I never read the posts. Comments YES, my own posts never.
I have started the exercise program at the Wellness Center. It is much as I had expected. I am walking on an indoor oval track. There are people at all levels of fitness, every size and shape.
I am very glad they are giving me some degree of flexibility allowing to push myself at least a little.
Any chest pain is an automatic stop. I wear a nitro patch which helps a lot with that.
Breathing is the other key factor. Walk until until my breathing is such that it affects my breathing. There are 4 rest spots set up around the track and I do make use of them.
At these rest stops I chat with others as they are taking their breaks. All are very nice. There is one lady that is very annoying. OK, I am totally joking when I say that, she is very nice. Here is what is annoying. She walks with the assistance of a walker. I say it is fantastic she is out there on the walking track. Are you ready for this she lapped me out on the track

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Mwah ha haha hargh! I so get that! My borrowed knees mean I have to walk very slowly with a somewhat bandy legged gait. I am frequently overtaken by sprightly elderly people.

    Naturally, because I’m kick arse, phnark, I call my style of walking Bandai legged.

    Great to hear the exercise is good and that you’re enjoying it.



    I admire your grit and determination. You go girl with your borrowed knees. “Walking Bandai legged” I am not sure what that would be but if anyone can pull it off it will be you. Join with Mel and I with the no passing signs. I will be over for a visit to learn more about your knees

  2. Mel says:

    Oh dearheart……I so am the same way. LOL The folks that passed me with their walkers while I was crutching my way around was annoying enough–now I’m REALLY slow and split my time with the wheelchair, which I’m not practiced in using and go willy nilly in. I’ve considered ‘no passing’ signs and holding the whole lot of ’em up JUST cuz…LOL..but I smile, nod and wish them a good day. (and stick my tongue out AFTER they pass….LOLOL)

    Yes, a bit snarky still!!

    You just keep at it, sir. And I’m all for you doing what you’ve always done when it comes to posting–cuz that’s always worked well for you. Pause, pray and let your fingers do the typing. What’s shared is what’s shared, yaknow?

    Hey Mel. A no passing sign, humm, we may be on to something here. How is the recovery coming? That was a nasty surgery you went through. As you always tell me, get lots of rest.
    I picture you in the wheel chair doing about 70 mph bowling over everyone around. Maybe you could come to Winnipeg, I have a lady with a walker….

  3. rangewriter says:

    Great post Bill. You didn’t ramble at all! Love the lady with the walker. Maybe you should borrow it from her! 😉 Sorry if this shows up twice. You know…technology….????

    Maybe the next time I see her at one of the rest stops. I will ask her if I can “try” it. I will get about 1 /2 way around the track before I call back to her to challenge her to a race to the desk. Naw, there is the hand rail. I bet she would use that and still catch me. Lol

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