Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Gift of Life

Many times in the past I have asked all that may read this, for gifts. Those gifts have always been for random acts of kindness. It never matters the size of the gift or for whom it is done. All that matters is that from the gift be done from the love and goodness contained within our hearts.

Over the years I have been offered numerous different blogging awards, material gifts and all sorts of things. I am very honoured at all such but in each case have, I hope tactfully declined and not offended anyone. Maybe I am living in my own little world or some thing. A thought just hit me, if I  am well it is my world and this is my blog. In my world what I write are my thoughts of the moment and come from my heart with no expectation of anything in return. If I started accepting awards of recognition or gifts or what ever would my thinking begin to change, I don’t know. Now comments of loving support I do appreciate. Comments from those in need of support are always welcome.

Today is different. I am coming to you requesting a very specific gift that will indeed have it’s impact on me.

I have written of my cousin Joe and his on going battle with cancer. I learned last evening he has been transferred from the regular ward to the paliative care unit. He requires regular blood transfusions just to keep him alive. Here comes my request.

His son, my nephew also Joe Howdle on his Facebook page has made a request for people to go out and donate blood. He can truly understand the importance of this as his dad is one of those that regularly needs transfusions. Since he made that request which would be read by his Facebook friends 58 people have stepped up answering his call.

I am very proud of Joe (jr) for doing this. It is such a good cause. One that literally saves lives. Can you think of a greater random act of kindness. One donation can help as many as 3 people in need, possibly saving their lives. I ask if an opportunity to possibly save 3 lives were suddenly put in front of you, would you take. I would guess yes. Well that opportunity is right in front of you. What are you going to do now.

Now remember lives are at stake here and one donation can help 3 people. Now I can hear some of the excuses coming: “I know it is a good cause and something I have been meaning to do but I just never seem to have the time. I would ask you to just think about that for a moment. You are saying I know I can help, even save lives but I just haven’t got around to doing it, hmm

Or, I am afraid of needles. OK, fair enough. If you saw 3 people laying in the street dying. If you knew some how by getting a needle in the arm it would save their lives. Would you still be as reluctant to do it? I think likely not. It seems to strike home with us if we can see personally the person in need As opposed to it going to some unknown stranger in a hospital somewhere.

Personally, I have received the donation of platelets from 4 unknown strangers. To those 4 strangers I say thank you with all of my heart.

can we get on this please

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Gift of Life

  1. Betty says:

    I am so sorry to hear about cousin Joe’s decline in his condition. My thought and prayers go out to him and also to his family and friends.

    The “Gift of Life” what an appropriate description for blood donation. It is truly a gift. I’m sure almost everyone knows someone who has needed this gift at some point. I know in my city, and probably others, blood donations tend to drop over the summer, but the need is always there. Now is the time to replenish the need. Bill thank you for binging this item to your readers.

    Thank you also to those who donated blood when I needed it.

  2. Mel says:

    *sending prayers and positive thoughts*
    Difficult times that I’m saddened to hear about. I know they will take good care of your cousin and his family. It sounds as though everyone is reaching out and making an effort to be supportive…bless Joe Jr.’s efforts. He’s touching a whole lot of lives.
    If I could donate, I would….but I will ask those around me that can, to DO.
    And we’ll keep sending prayers.
    (((((( Bill and Vi ))))))

  3. rangewriter says:

    I’ve been a regular blood donor since I was 19 years old. Countless gallons. I hope I’ve saved a life somewhere along the line.

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill … My thoughts with you and the family … and I hope Vi’s situation is easier than it may sound …

    I agree blood donoring is so important … something I have done over the years … Hilary

  5. Danny says:

    I have been asking people to donate a unit of blood for years but they say they are to busy or have a medical reason for not donating. I then ask them how they would feel if they or someone they loved needed blood to save their life and non was available, How would that make them feel? Human blood can only be stored for 42 days, It not used it must be thrown away, so a new supply of blood is constantly needed and human blood can only come from humans. I hate needles but have given 115 units of blood over the past twenty years. I have given platelets for the last three years and it takes anywhere from 90 to 110 minutes to do that. I set in a chair with a needle in my arm that long. I don’t like it but I am happy to be able to help others. I wil continue to donate for as long as I am able to do so.

    Hi Danny, welcome to the blog and I thank you for sharing. I commend you for your dedication in making those life saving donations.
    I hope all will encourage family and friends to get out and donate as you are doing.
    There are legitimate medical reasons why some can’t donate. But I ask all others to be sure they do.

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