Dying Man’s Daily Journal

Yesterday, I started a big ramble on how life is but a series of choices. More often than not where we find ourself in life today is the direct result of choices be they good or bad, that we made in our yesterday’s .

While exceptions are rare, there are indeed some. I think of my cousins cancer even my own brain tumour. How do you explain situations such as these? For the life of me I can’t  think of what poor choices I may have made in the past that may have brought that about..

it took me a long time, a lot of deep thinking to come to a conclusion a realization. I have a list of ailments that at times seems  at times very difficult to deal with. It took me a while to accept some times bad things do happen to good people. That is Life. That I know of no one has ever said life would always be fair and easy. Just that it is so worth it, if we do our part and put in the effort.
I believe in a loving God that loves each and everyone of us equally, no exceptions. As I came really realize and accept the equally part, I realize that in God’s eyes I am no more or less special than is anyone else. There for why should I expect to be treated in any “special” way by maybe being excluded from the per centage of the population that suffer from any ailment.
I am not trying to pretend I know all the answers. I just know what makes sense to me.
We may not always like the hand life has dealt us. How we play that hand is the gift of life we chose to give ourselves or not.

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. M T McGuire says:

    So true. My view is that you can’t change that much in your life but you can control the way you react to what happens.


    You are right on with that

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