Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Responsible for your own life

Recently I heard or read a saying or quote. In true memory guy style, I have no idea where I got it from or due credit would be given. It went along the line of: “life is a gift from God, the lives we live are our gift to ourselves”.
Now I really had to think on that one. Granted, life is a gift from God, I accept and appreciate that.
It is the lives we live, gifts to ourselves part I am pondering. We all have so many challenges popping up here there and everywhere that are beyond our control. Thinking along those lines some of those “gifts” I have given myself have been pretty crappy.
Now as I have time to really think and ponder, I can see more clearly. My life is in my own hands, I am the master of my own destiny. It is hard to accept but I and I alone am responsible for my own life. I can just imagine most reading this will instantly have a whole list of “yeah but….” Followed by the list of if only’s.
I think of my own situation. I am 60 years old and doctors are making clear my time is limited. Here I can launch into my “yeah but that is not fair…… I can whine and complain as much as I like. Nothing is going to change the fact I was the one that ate those cheese burgers etc.. I was the one to tired or just plain lazy to exercise. No one caused me to take on all the stress. As much as I would like to pass the blame. Don’t we seem to always want to do that, find someone else to blame for every little thing in our lives.
It takes courage and strength to really man up and look at what is often the mess we seem to have made of our own lives. It is even more difficult to accept that most often, if we are honest it was our own poor choices. Some, maybe even many of those choices we must today just live with ie my heart condition. For me anyway when I came to the point that I accepted I make choices everyday and I am responsible for how ever that then plays out in my life. Life became easier, those choices often times easier.
I can hear all the yeah buts all the way right here to Winnipeg.
“He/she did…. So I had to…… To that I just say no you didn’t. No one makes us do anything. I and I alone am responsible for how I respond to any situation. There are always choices.
I was going to get into a big ramble about things that are beyond our control. My cousin’s cancer, my brain tumour but I have worn myself out and need my nap. I seem to be sleeping more and more

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