Dying Man’s Daily Journal – cycles of life

A thought has been sticking in my mind for the past few days. How do I describe it. We are all in this earthly cycle of life, just at different stages.

a few days back I was at the hospital, just for blood work. As I was approaching the entrance a small group came out.  It was obviously a young couple taking their new born baby home. All the it’s a boy balloons helped me figure the gender, this old brain of mine has still got it. They only had to wait a minute or two before a car pulled up for them. This though gave me enough time to congratulate them and ask if I might have a peek. The proud, and so happy daddy was more than happy to show off his new pride and joy. Now this whole encounter only lasted for about a minute before the car pulled up. For me that minute was wonderful. It was like you could feel the love, the joy and happiness in the air.
To the young couple, I don’t even know your names but I do thank you for sharing that magical moment with me. I wish you a life filled with the same love and joy that I saw and even felt during that moment.
OK, that all happened just outside the hospital door. When you enter St. B. you are in a huge room. Seating for a couple of restaurants and for anyone to just sit.
As I entered, I saw what I took to be another family group. Here the situation was different. There were 3 ladies sitting on one of the bench areas with 4 or 5 other men and women standing around them, looking very uncomfortable. All this I took in at a glance but I believed them to be another family group. An elderly mother with her mature adult children/spouses. The mother was sitting holding two ladies, a group hug. One of these ladies was crying uncontrollably. I made brief eye contact with the mother figure as I passed. Her eyes registered what I saw as shock or something. I don’t actually know the circumstances but I believe I was seeing/feeling the emotions involved in the other side of the life cycle. To that family I don’t know your names but my prayers go out to you.
Kudos to the hospital staff that I saw rushing to provide aide, comfort or what ever.
That was quite the trip. I am hanging on to the loving feelings of my time with the new baby family.
As I think of it I realize I have let so many wonders of life just pass me by. I have spent so much of my life with tunnel vision, so wrapped up in my own little world, that I have let so many wonders pass me by totally unnoticed


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – cycles of life

  1. Dianne - a Bannerman neighbour says:

    Hi Bill…. Your writings are very touching and so so true. I have know about your blog, but finally got to read about your comments and reflections on life – beautiful thoughts.

    Thank you for helping my dad last night. You and Vi have been guardian angels here on Earth to help with my dad. Please know our family appreciates all the kindness you have given my parents and especially my dad over the years. Dianne

    Hi Dianne, I thank you for your kind words. Your Dad is a great guy as your mother was a wonderful Lady. Neighbours help neighbours nothing more need be said. I’m just sorry I don’t have the energy to get over to “let” him beat me at crib.
    I am just happy he was checked out and the hospital stay was as short as it was.
    Dianne, it is so nice to hear from you here. Other than family you are one of the very few people here on the blog that actually know me. I hope to hear from you again

  2. M T McGuire says:

    But you’ve more than made up for a whole lifetime of tunnel vision with this blog. 😉

  3. Mel says:

    ((( Bill ))) Sounds like you’ve been making yourself available during Vi’s little hiatus. I’m glad you’ve taken advantage of the solo time. Of course my prayers and thoughts to Joe and his clan. It was good to hear that others were showing up to be supportive in a multitude of ways. Bless their hearts. Taking care of those other things means less for an already taxed family. I think she’s graced to have that…seems to be a less frequently done thing, or maybe it’s just the perception I have.
    I just found home after a surgery, and I am so graced to have what I have. I’m clear the rooms were filled with people who were alone or who were left alone to contend with their circumstances. And the simple jesture of showing an interest, carried great power. Being able to do that appears to be a value in your family. We need more of that…..and less of “doing it yourself” somehow equalling greatness and strength.
    LOL. Yup, me and my soapbox!!

    It’s good Vi’s getting some R&R time. And it’s good to see your ramblings. 😉

    Mel, I have popping over for visits. I am so glad you are home. That surgery really sounded like no fun at all. I pray for a speedy recovery with as little discomfort as possible.
    We all love you on your soapbox.
    As you so very often say to me rest. Give your body the time it really needs to heal

  4. Noel says:

    Bill, thank you for sharing. These moments were definitely important and meaningful. They represent the wonders and the pains of life. It is all what is about.

    Thanks for stopping by Noel. You are right about the wonders of life. The d
    Beginning to the end. It is what we do with the time in between that matters most

  5. Gail says:

    Hi Bill…Your Sept 1 blog reminded me of another time when I had a similar experience. The day my husband died, I noticed that a new baby was born to a family I knew. I later taught that new little girl in school and have followed her life since. She has a special place in my heart and a reminder that life comes and goes. I do enjoy your comments on life. You are one brave soul.

    Gail, I thank you for sharing this. It shows of how much all of our lives are interconnected

  6. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill . the cycles of life – the time of transition is always upon us .. just we never know when or how …

    Lovely post and so true of life in general … I’m glad you’re clinging to the happy couple and their new life .. Hilary

    Thanks Hilary. We have that choice everyday, focus on the positive or have a bad day or longer

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