Dying Man’s Daily Journal

As I sit here, my thoughts continually move to my cousin Joe. I ask that the prayers continue please.

he is back in the hospital. His body did not respond as well as hoped to the initial cancer treatments. He is back in the hospital undergoing the full chemo and radiation.

I was able to speak to Ev (wife) last evening. She says that they are holding up as best they can. All have come to terms with his condition. Their three children Joe (jr), Ryan and Stephanie are coping. Both boys live relatively close by and are able to see their dad more often. Steph on the other hand through marriage now lives in Australia, virtually the others side of the world.
Ev spoke of how appreciative of all the loving support, the messages the prayers being sent from just everywhere. She could not say enough good things about all the support from the extended family, being Joe’s siblings (my cousins) and the
Relatives on her side of the family. Home cooked meals are regularly arriving at the hospital. She gets home and the lawn has been taken care of. Her list just went on and on.
to the whole Howdle clan out there I am happy and proud to have you as relativesp>

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. I think you’ve said it right .. the Howdle clan is doing wonders for Ev and Joe – great thoughtfulness …

    The challenge of life … our ability to live around the world .. I feel for Steph and for you all …

    With thoughts for Joe and Ev in particular … Hilary

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