Dying Man’s Daily Journal

We got back home both of us with stiff backs and sore bums from two long days in the car.

Our time in Alberta was wonderful. I have so many wonderful family members out there, all went out of there way to make us feel welcome and to ensure we had a wonderful time, which we most certainly did, we thank all.

A special thank you to cousin Sherry, cousin Jim/Donna and cousin Doug/Lynn for opening their homes providing places to stay. I want all to know it is geography, the distance between us that keeps us from visiting as often as we both would like.

There is so much to write about a fantastic wedding. For any that follow the blog know of the on going battle between my Aunt Isabel and myself. When we get together we play crib. Our final game is for “The Championship of the World”. We have done this for 6 or 7 years and every single time Auntie has kicked my butt. I think being out in Alberta threw her off her game. For the first time ever I came away with the championship. Picture me strutting around with my chest puffed out.
I thank you all and do love you all

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Isabel says:

    Yes, congratulations are in order, you do have the Championship od the World, but I should tell you that I am feeling free and easy not having to carry that heavy load on my head. You can wear it for awhile. I’ve carried it around for YEARS and YEARS. You are younger so you can carry it around for awhile. I’m sure I will be getting it back when we play again, but enjoy it for now!

    Auntie Isabel, it is so very nice to hear from you. I really enjoyed our time together out there. I admit I did enjoy dethroning you as World Champion. The crown and great responsibilities that come with being the champion are a heavy burden to carry. You have repeatedly retained that title for years. I have to crow about it now as I do know the next time we play the title well may change hands again
    Love you

  2. Mel says:

    Nuh uh….you did NOT!!! Well….Hahahaha…bless Isabel’s heart for being soooo gracious and letting you wear that tiara for a chunk of time. Bet it looks adorable on ya sir. *laughing* I’m sure there’ll be a rematch. And undoubtedly the World Championship tiara will be passed back to Queen Isabel. Enjoy it while ya can. I just wanna know how you got her to turn her head so you could move the pegs. ROFL!!

    hey Mel. This time to level the playing field, I insisted she play with one hand tied behind her back and one eye closed

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