Dying Man’s Daily Journal

This morning I am off to the Wellness Centre for my physical assessment from which they will design my exercise program. I have already been told I will not be allowed into the exercise area if unacompanied. I am guessing now but I do think it will likely be short monitored walks. I guess I will know in a couple of hours

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Dave says:

    Bill , this is exciting ! Let us know what you are allowed to do , please.

    Hi Dave. Went for the assessment. They are scheduling a walking stress test to give them a better idea of how the old ticker responds to exertion, even walking. Will know more then.
    The nice lady though did explain I will likely be limited to slow, short walks being accompanied by a staff member that will be monitoring my pulse and breathing. Depending on the pulse and breathing my walking time will be limited to possibly only 5 or 6 minutes a day. I am hoping for more

  2. M T McGuire says:

    So pleased for you. Good luck with it. However short the walks, I’m sure it’ll help.


    thanks BC

  3. Mel says:

    Wow! Gotta tell ya, 5-6 minutes is a lot more than I’da wanted to guess. But I’m a tad protective and started hyperventilating at the thought. LOL. You just remember the “easy does it”, okay?! And I’ll cheer ya on.

    Hey Mel, not to worry. It isn’t definite until after the stress test and that 5 or 6 minutes would be total walking time. Walk 20/30 seconds, sit for a couple of minutes and then repeat. With that training schedule I’ll be running marathons in practically no time. Lol

  4. Betty says:

    Good luck Bill….remember Slow & Steady Wins The Race. Do not force yourself to do more than you can handle. The Wellness Centre is a great place with wonderful staff. My husband reluctantly started going there for cardiac rehab after heart surgery. He is now a member and goes there basically to walk and reward himself with a coffee with all the friends he has made. Just so you know he is not a speeed walker either.

    Thanks Betty. Are you here in Winnipeg. Is he at the seven Oaks centre. I am just thinking we might run into each other. I do agree it is a wonderful place.

    • Betty says:

      Yes Bill, we live in Winnipeg and wouldn’t move anywhere else except maybe somewhere warm for a few months in the winter. My husband does go to the Seven Oaks Centre….I’m not always sure it is for the exercise or the social aspect, but he says the track is wonderful to walk on. I showed my husband your picture from one of the sites and said to keep a look out for you. Once you start going don’t let the runners scare you off as there are many people there to help their own medical conditions, in fact I know of one who is awaiting a heart transplant, so many are not moving that fast. All the best with the stress test.

      Thanks Betty. If he does see please ask him to come and say hello

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