Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Deal with even little stresses now

I have been thinking of a recent post. I stated that if you have issues/stress in you life deal with it. I know that is more often than not easier said than done.
I hate having things hanging over my head, obviously a life lesson here for me to learn. Everyone knows here the types of things I am talking about. Those nagging, worry some things. the type of issues that come up in life that we do know we are going to have to deal with at some point. We may be dreading that thought of stepping up to deal with it. So We take what seems at the time to be the easy way out. We avoid it, we delay it, we even do our best to just push it from our minds.
Over and over again here on the blog I have tried to urge all to live life. Get the maximum love and joy out of every moment. Why can’t we see that, do that until we realize our end is near. Then and only then does it seem we realize and appreciate how precious our time is, how good the life we have really is.
That is where I am coming from when I say. If we have something that we know we are going to have to deal with sooner or later. Do it sooner, get that monkey off your back, rid yourself of any even little stresses. Any stress/negativity will only to some extent contribute to denying us the full ability live our lives to the fullest.
A long time back, I realize I have something, way far back in my mind, so far back I can very often ignore or even forget about it. Now I have even given it a name. My “worry pot” is where I imagine I store all those little items that I chose to ignore pushing them from my conscious mind. I didn’t actually get rid of the issues I just moved them back to the worry pot.
OK, as much as I may be able to avoid thinking about it. The stress from the worry pot is still there weighing me down more and more. Ultimately the issue what ever it is comes to a head and suddenly I am forced to deal with it. I know there were times when things festered and boiled in the worry pot that when I did address, I over reacted. Remember for this I am talking only about those pesky little things in life.
I am so happy that today not nearly as much makes to my worry pot. I do have to check it.
I think it is so sad for me that for so much of my life I carried a BIG worry pot.
Today, strangely I have major issues. For me it is, lay it out, put it on the line. I want to as clearly as possible see what I am facing, then bring it on

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