Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Deal with Life

The thought has come to mind. Some of my posts deal with death, dying, terrible illnesses…. We have to face it, that is a real part of life that eventually will affect us all.

I realize that depending on my mood or thoughts and feelings of the moment some of my posts may not sound all that upbeat or positive. Well they reflect my feelings of the moment. There are times when the circumstances of life just suck. What is important to me is to somehow internally acknowledge yeah this sucks, I don’t like, so what am I going to do about it. If there actually is something I can do about. Do it, deal with it now and get this monkey off my back. I don’t like having something hanging over my head. Why does it seem that all to often we will have some issue, likely something unpleasant that we know that sooner or later we will have to deal with. How often to we put that off until something forces the issue and we have to deal with it. In the mean while how much fretting, worry and dread have we put our selves through. How much enjoyment of life have we deprived our selves of. Deal with and for me the sooner the better.
For all of us, so often in live things happen over which we just have no control, medical issues for but one example. There is just nothing we can do. What do we do then? Deal with it.
Many times in life we just have to come to terms with, accept that things are just not going to go our way. We don’t always get what we want. The sooner we can come to terms with that fact of life the easier we make it on ourselves. Don’t act the spoiled brat think about it this way. What are most arguments? Two people at odds with each wanting to get their own way. Hold that thought.
For some getting their way means waking up in the morning. For some it means beating cancer or some other horrible disease. If you can’t beat it then at least getting a few extra days or weeks. Does that put things a little more into my perspective. If you are in a situation such as this what can you do? Deal with. Learn to live with with your circumstances. Live life to the best you can

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Deal with Life

  1. Mel says:

    *sigh* I hear ya…and I do agree. “Acceptance” tends to be the answer for me, over and over again. Oh how I wish I did that consistently, and with dignity and grace…every time. I do not. I become that tantrumming child again and again. I don’t deal in loss with great dignity, despite the practice I get…and it would seem I’ve had a fair amount of practice as of late. Apparently I have a high need to grieve the loss prior to moving into acceptance. I get there, but how much energy do I spend grieving the “loss” of something I didn’t have control of in the first place? *sigh* Apparently that’s sorta normal, that illusion of control. LOL. Small wonder I don’t find ‘normal’ something to strive for, huh!?!
    You just keep doing what works for you, Bill. Maybe it’ll rub off on me! LOL

    Hey Mel, I hear you and can relate. I am much better at being able to come to terms, more quickly with issues. I know I could be a lot better at so much of it. I have said in the past I will often try to write in a very positive way about what I may be struggling with. The writing seems to help more deeply impress that into my mind. I am a work in progress

  2. Dave says:

    Bill was your post about an exercise program designed for you a correct understanding ?

    Hi Dave, the Wellness Centre has received my referal from the heart failure clinic. It sounds like I should be able to start at the end of August. They can only take so many patients per month to allow for the one/one time. For now I am just doing my short walks. I will keep you posted

  3. rangewriter says:

    Well said. Don’t ever sugar coat. Your struggle puts a lot of other things in perspective for your readers, Bill.

    Thanks Linda, for me, I prefer to know what is going on. Then while it may take me a a little time to get my head wrapped around it. I can prepare myself to face it. Often it seems I don’t necessarily like what I am facing but for me that still beats the worry of not knowing.

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