Dying Man’s Daily Journal

My nephew Joey posted this and it really struck home with me.
It went like this:
Some dream of a new house
Some dream of a new car
Some dream of a new phone
Some dream of beating cancer

To me that is a very powerful message. Most people will read that and think to themselves, that would suck, the cancer part. Sure glad that is not me and carry on with their day without really giving it a second thought. I mean we are all invincible aren’t we?

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Very good point. Although, I think sometimes you have to. The boy and I had a bit of a shake up on my bike a couple of weeks ago. It’s left me feeling very nervous on the road, in the car, out and about. On the upside, I have certainly lived the past three weeks in with a technicolour vibrancy that wasn’t there before the accident.

    Life is very fragile but thinking about it, sometimes, perhaps, the reason people take it for granted is because if they didn’t it would cripple them.

    Like you, I think it’s important to treat every day we are given to live as a gift, to reach out and take it with both hands.

    Hi BC, I am so sorry to hear of your “shake up”. I certainly hope you are both doing OK. Isn’t it amazing how a bit of a shake up can open our eyes to see things differently.
    I agree that if people spent their lives in fear death could be lurking behind every corner, it would likely drive us crazy. Or, at very least rob us of the chance to enjoy life.
    I think we just need to learn to appreciate and enjoy life with what we have. Your last 2 lines say it best of all.
    You are a talented writer, I encourage all to pop over to your site and check it out for themselves


  2. rangewriter says:

    We are not invincible. The heartache of cancer (oh, no pun intended there) is everywhere. Just went to a pre-surgery party for a friend who must have her plumbing rewired thanks to cancer.

    Hi Linda. You are so right these bodies of ours are not invincible. Good wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to yor friend and family

  3. Mel says:

    Boy does that cluster of just a few words speak volumes.
    Oh if we all could simply maintain that perspective…if only *I* could live in it day in, day out….

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