Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I have come to realize the only thing in life that will never change is that things are in fact going to change. We just don’t know the what, the how or the degree to which the change will be. If you are in a difficult position take heart, things shall change. If you are in a wonderful place in life take time to enjoy and appreciate as this too shall change. At the time changes may even be so small so subtle they may not even register at the time and it is only with our 20/20 hindsight that we can look back and see where it all started.
We must learn to appreciate all that we have. We just don’t know when that change is coming or how dramatic it will be.
I think of my cousin Joe and his family. I am struggling to find the words to properly describe all that has occurred in their lives in the past couple of months. In that short period of time Joe has gone from being a seemingly healthy guy to a stage 4 cancer patient with that cancer having spread to multiple organs. All that fast from life is wonderful to “oh Boy”. It was totally unexpected seemingly coming out of no where. How do you begin to come to terms with something like that?
The ups and downs have been devistating for Joe, Ev (wife), children Joey, Ryan and Steph. Steph having come all the way from Australia to be with her dad and family. My heart bleeds for my dear Auntie Isabel and all of the large extended family.
I write of ups and downs, could it be any more down than when Doctors advised he possibly had only about 2 weeks left.
I thank God, Joe is responding well to his treatment plan. That 2 week time frame has been increased to even as much as 2 years, if he continues to respond as well to the treatment plan.
Prayers please

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Mel says:

    *sending hugs and prayers* It’s horribly hard…any change is a two fold struggle…adjusting to the change and grieving the loss of what was. Even with awesome, happy change, there’s that loss to grieve. Sometimes we forget that and it sneaks in on us totally unaware…other times we’re very consciously grieving what was. Sometimes we struggle as we try to do both, simultaneously. We muddle, fight to make sense of it, get angry and frantically try to hang on to what’s changed…but invariably you’re right….change gets to happen.
    Hard times for the family…hard times for Joe. Every day is a day to celebrate that they have the ability to celebrate….and it’s difficult to make the time to grieve when everyone is frantically doing the best they can in the circumstances of the moment. Everything gets so muddled. I trust each is doing their best….but what horribly hard moments for everyone.
    I’m grateful for the loving support everyone is receiving during this tough time. I’m so glad they have that, yaknow? Having people to walk through things with you is such a blessing…

  2. rangewriter says:

    Joe is lucky to have you there with him. You are a master at staring into the eyes of the unknown.

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. just so challenging – yet life is working out a little and long may that two year time frame last … for one and all ..

    With many thoughts and all the very best to one and all – Hilary

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