Dying Man’s Daily Journal – allow yourself to shine

Yesterday, I wrote about watching a tiny ant and of how it was struggling to move an item 2 or 3 times its own size and I am sure at least 2 or 3 times its own weight. I started watching out of simple curiousity. The more I watched that curiosity changed to out right admiration. Here was a tiny creature was struggling but succeeding in moving what must have seemed to be an over whelmingly huge object. As I watched I saw many, many failed attempts to move it. Did that stop or even slow down the ant? Not at all, he with each failed attempt he just repositioned himself and tried again Countless times he would keep repositioning himself until he got it moved even the smallest amount. there was just no give up, or no I can’t in that little guy. I found myself cheering for the little guy. I don’t know how far he had to go but I do hope he made it.
I have been thinking about that.
We as humans have the bigger brain, the better more developed ability to think things through, rationalize…… When we rationalize often based on our own self image we talk ourselves right out of even attempting anything that may look challenging. It is my belief that God sees us as being human with all the weakness that come with it. He does not expect perfection from us but I imagine He would want us to keep trying.
I can’t help but think if Mr. Ant had been gifted with our ability to reason, to think things through, he would have rationalize, that thing is just to big, to heavy for me to move, why bother even trying. We think ourselves, rationalize to our selves and don’t even attempt to fulfill our true potential.
A big thank you to Mel. Mel I just read your comment. I thank you for sharing that quote it is beautiful and really does say it all. Our greatest fear maybe to shine. it is easier less scary to remain unnoticed back in the pack than to shine as a beacon for others to follow. Why shouldn’t you shine, stand out. We are all children of God, why should we not shine. If need be think like an ant, no task it to big to take on.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – allow yourself to shine

  1. Mel says:

    Oh, but there are days……moments, if I’m a bit more centered, that the task in front of me seems bigger than me. I know, I know–shine anyway and do what’s in front of you. It’s that brain of mine that’s been washed with muddy thinking. I could stand a good brainwashing. LOL
    ((((((( Bill ))))))))
    Front step sitting is a very good thing–do more of that!

  2. Dan says:

    You should go to a zoo and watch the animals who have lost their freedom and are locked in confined areas for the rest of their lives. Many of them cope very well, they have accepted the cages and live life as well as they can. They do not give up. I have never accepted the restrictions my health problems, I don’t say I can’t do something till I have tried to do it. At 61 years of age and severe osteoarthritis in my spine I have done many things younger people say the can’t do. I stil cut down big trees and cut and split the logs for fire wood each year. I’ve seen twenty year olds come out to help me but soon quit because it is to hard for them. Each day is a challenge to just do ones best.


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