Dying Man’s Daily Journal – We only die once

June 3, 2013

I have come to a big realization. I have allowed myself to do one of the very things I know I can’t let myself do. I have allowed my mind set or thinking to go to a more negative place. With all I have been told, with all that has happened, I have allowed my thinking, my mind set into what I think of as “dying man mode”. To me that is a time when those sort of thoughts dominate your thinking. Now what does carrying those thoughts around in your head all day accomplish? Absolutely nothing. Such negatively on such a constant basis only deprives you of the chance to live and enjoy each day as it comes.
I am not talking about being in denial. I know what is coming. I know that it could be this afternoon but I also it could also be days, weeks or I am hoping months or longer. That day will come and I can’t change that. All I can change is how I live the remaining days. Do I relax and get all the enjoyment I can out of them, OR do I just dwell on the inevitable. That choice is mine and mine alone to make.
I read something recently, it was to the effect that you only live once. Now I understand the overall meaning of that. But what I read gave me a bit of a different thought to that. We live every day, we awake to a new beginning every day. We need to make the most of each of those days as in fact it is dying that we only do once. What are your thoughts on that

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayers Please

June 1, 2013

Today I have 3 separate prayer requests. 

My dear cousin Joe has been ailing for 3 or 4 weeks now. It seems to be almost one of those mystery diagnosis case such as you see on TV. Kidney stones-pancreatitis-to affecting the heart Рmystery spots on his lung Рunidentified exotic virus. Joe is suffering/struggling and doctors are searching. Prayers please

I ask also please for prayers for my own dear Vi. She is like the energizer bunny always on the go and always at full speed ahead. About a year ago her legs began to bother her. Walking about a block brought about pain through her legs and hips to the point she had to sit down and rest them. Over the year that has worsened to the point she can only go 15 or 20 steps. Numerous times who each time blew it off as being caused by her back and nothing he could do. Vi’s son Michael is a medical doctor in a different province suggested she request a vascular test showing blood flow in her legs. That test shows severe blockages in at least some of the arteries greatly reducing blood flow causing the pain. We are at the point of knowing there are different surgical options available but not knowing what or when anything will be done.

Finally, a general prayer request to cover everyone in this world. Every one is fighting their own battles of some sort for which prayers can only help