Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayer request please

I ask please for prayers for my cousin Joe. I did ask for prayers for Joe several weeks ago and ask they please continue. It is something like 2 months ago that Joe first became ill.

Numerous doctors appointments, tests and hospital stays and the doctors are unable to come up with a diagnosis. I understand the cancer word is being thrown around although tests have not confirmed it. If a diagnosis could be made then at least a proper treatment plan could be started. Please

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  1. jel says:

    will do !

    thank you

  2. Gail M says:

    I’m sorry for your friend. But praying isn’t going to help. God isn’t reaching down or up or through to bestow blessings on those who plead the hardest or the longest or the loudest. At least I hope not.

    Hi Gail. I welcome all to the blog to share their thoughts and feelings as you have done. Personally, I believe very strongly in the power of prayer. It is my belief that God hears all prayers that come from the heart and what you mention especially the loudest have no meaning at all. I am not going to even pretend I understand how it all works, I just believe it does. I can’t help but believe by the very fact I am still here is but proof of that.

    • Riverwatch says:

      Hi, Gail. I had a friend who taught me to keep a Prayer Book of my prayers to God…..my specific pleadings to Him…so that I might see how mighty He is to answer prayers….and over time to even realize what a blessing the answer “No” turns out to be in hindsight. It turned out to be an amazing book for me (over time) increasing my awareness of God in my life.
      I was an ICU nurse when the experiments were done regarding the effects on morbidity and mortality of open heart surgery patients between a group prayed for and a group not prayed for. Oh, yes! You always want people praying on your behalf! Some researchers call it the power of Positive Thinking…rather than ascribing it to the Most High. Whatever it is, you can impact outcome with it. No, you cannot control impact with that power, but you can impact outcome. Now scientists are even talking about the power of just OBSERVATION to change things! Wow. We live in an amazing world. What amazing creatures we are.
      What is sad is that many people are never prayed for either by themselves or by others. I have added you to my prayer list and appreciate every person who prays for me. I hope you will. I don’t think I have very many people praying for me. Maybe it only takes one.
      Who am I that God would care about me and who are you that God would care about you? I don’t know. But I do know He cares. And He hears the unspoken prayers of our hearts……..as well as loud long pleadings (which mean zip if they are not from the heart). It is all about the heart.

      Hi River, thank you for sharing your experiences and observations during your time as an ICU nurse, very interesting. I have never kept a prayer book but think it is a very good idea.
      Like you I believe all prayers that truly come from the heart are heard and answered. How often do we feel disappointed or feel if the answer is NO. We often feel the prayer was in fact not answered if we don’t get what it is we are asking for. How often do we “know” at the time is best for us, only later to discover it was in fact not

  3. Betty says:

    Bill, I as you strongly believe in the power of prayer. I will once again refer to my past experience. Several year’s ago I was awaiting very tricky heart surgery. I know my family, friends, co-workers as well as a prayer chain prayed for me. The night before my surgery such a feeling of peace and acceptance overcame me. My fear was gone and I was ready to accept whatever the outcome. Up until that point I was fearful, and full of anxiety and maybe even a bit angry. Once this feeling of peace surronded me I was able to sleep the night before surgery and went into surgery feeling secure that what is meant to be will be okay. Prayers may sometimes not feel like they have been answered exactly the way we hoped, but our Lord has his reasons, although I believe they are positive reasons surrounded by love for us. I am not an avid church goer, but I do believe in our Heavenly Father otherwise how could my life be so wonderful otherwise. Prayers for Joe are on their way and may a diagnosis be made soon.

    hi Betty, I thank you for sharing you story and for the prayers for Joe and his family, they are greatly needed at this time. Like you I am not a heavy duty church goer but I do have my strong beliefs. I once heard something to the effect that religion/faith is nothing but a crutch for us to lean on through tough times. I admit that I do “lean on that crutch” very heavily. That faith combined with prayer, call it a crutch or what ever you may. I see it as being a blessing from God to help us through times of difficulty.
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Cat says:

    I hope Joe gets some answers and gets started on a proper treatment course soon. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you

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