Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I’m Home

I’m home tired, a little battered and a lot bruised.

i am disappointed to say the doctors very best efforts were unable to clear or even partially open the blockage in my heart. Four hours on the table and both plan A and backup plan B and no success. The result wasn’t want I was hoping for but I do thank the medical team for efforts and kind care.

a big thank you to Fairyflutterings and Laura for the emailed good wishes I received while in hospital, heart warming as is reading all the warm comments left here for me. I really am touched.
Feeling fine, just very tired and worn out

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I’m Home

  1. Betty says:

    Bill, It is so wonderful to hear from you and know that you are at home. I am so sorry that the surgeons were unable to accomplish what they hoped with your blocked artery. You have been a brave man throughout this whole process and I am in awe of your determination to improve your health even when there are risks involved. Now it is time to have a good rest and heal. I was thinking of you and Vi and your family so much the last two days and was extremely happy to see there was a post from you. I’m sure it took energy that you probably don’t have right now, but your understanding of how much your blogging friends care and needed to know how things went is a true example of how much you care. Please do not be discouraged you are stonger than you think and probably feel right now. Your angels are looking out for you I am positive about that. Gentle thoughts and hugs are headed to your home.

    Hi Betty, I thank for your so kind words and such loving support. You and all of my dear blogging friends have become very important to me. I can’t imagine that many people would believe or could understand the strength of the bond Internet “strangers” can develop. I am a lucky man. I thank you and all my dear friends so very much

  2. Noel says:

    Hang in there!!!

    Thanks Noel

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – oh gosh .. they obviously tried so hard and wouldn’t have given you the option otherwise .. I just hope you have had a good sleep … and can only wish you, Vi and the family all the very best … with lots of thoughts – Hilary
    Hi Hilary, thank you for the good thoughts and kind wishes.

  4. Mel says:

    ((((( Bill )))))) (very gently–clearly bruised and battered is painful)

    Betty said my thoughts so well.
    It is so wonderful to know you’re home. And I, too, am sorry the surgeons weren’t able to accomplish what they set out to do. There’s disappointment and discouragement mixed in with whole lot of other emotions, I’m sure. I feel some of them myself. I am hugely grateful you made the time to connect with us.
    I know the circumstances must be disappointing and discouraging–my heart hurt for both you and Vi when I read your words last night. It took me a bit to wrap my head around the end result. I have no doubt the surgeons persevered–four hours worth, they wanted different results, too.
    But I had GREAT joy in there as well. G-d took very good care of you..and continues to. And the prayers and better angel’s sent your way kept you safe. You’re home with the wife you adore–you can rest and do some healing.
    Let people love ya deeply….
    *hugs to you both*
    Hey Mel, as always I thank you so very much for your kind words and loving support. You hit it right on with the thoughts of disappointment, when I came around and was told the procedure had been a failure, I was taken off guard. I knew the risks of a heart attack or a stroke but I hadn’t even considered that the doctors might run into difficulties that would prevent them from getting it done. To be clear I do know everything could be done was done. I am most certainly not upset with anyone, maybe just the circumstances.
    It was a tough day but I was surrounded by the Angels you sent and very well cared for. Most of those Angels chose to take the form of all of the medical staff that treated me so very well

  5. Fairyflutterings says:

    Oh Bill. Sometimes I read your blog and words simply won’t come, or maybe the emotions I feel as I read your words are simply too big and too varied for this fairy to capture. I echo the words of both Betty and Mel. Perhaps while it is true they couldn’t do what was planned, maybe they learnt more about your enormous, courageous, compassionate, gentle and oh so loved and loving heart that this new information might paint a different way forward in a kind of when one door closes another one opens kind of way. That’s what this fairy wants to believe for while God may have had his eye on you for a while, we are not done loving you enough to let you go just yet.

    Sending you love and gentle hugs xxxxx
    Ah, Fairy. I thank you so very much, you are too kind in you beautiful words. Better be careful or I well may get a swelled head. When I am feeling a little down I admit it is nice to read such. I also thank you for the well wishes, that I received from you while I was in the hospital.
    I am trying to put a bit of a positive spin on it. What the doctors were attempting were newer procedures. I am going to go with your thinking. OK, it did not work on me and I do not know this but maybe something was learned from it that may help someone in the future. There we go, that is how I am looking at it.
    Thank you my friend

  6. NSC says:

    What beautiful writing from Fairyflutterings, Betty, and Mel. I won’t even attempt to match it! Many readers share similar feelings. We are so moved by you and your attitude toward life. What happens now, may I ask? Is there more that can be tried?
    Hello NSC and welcome to the blog. You are so right their writings are wonderful, especially for me to read. They are being overly kind. What comes next? I am not certain at this point. Control the situation as well as can be with medication. There aren’t a lot of options left. Surgeon said he is willing to give it another try if they can’t come up with anything else

  7. Mel says:

    Just checking in–hoping healing and rest are happening. And joyful moments of sunshine and spring flowers, of course. *hugs*

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