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Went for blood work this morning, they phoned with the results and every thing is a go for tomorrow. Yes, I am a little nervous but really not that bad. Now maybe to put it in perspective. Vi and I were just talking. I am not sure what words to use here dreading, worried fretting about tomorrow. Our reasons feeling that way are miles apart. Vi’s thoughts are running towards what happens if something goes wrong, particularly when the surgeon has to make those so very precise cuts into the artery. OK, that would not be good,actually very bad. I have always said it is harder on the families.
Vi has been with me when in the past I have had an angioplasty and it really just is not that big a deal. If anyone out there is facing one, you can rest easy. There is virtually no discomfort and risk of any sort of complications is extremely low, it has become such a routine procedure.
You are laying on a table with a cat scan machine or something very similar positioned over you chest. This transfers a live image of what is happening in your chest to a monitor (TV screen). The doctor uses that image to guide him as he manipulates the business end of the catheter around in you heart and does what ever it is he is doing. The catheter is basically a long wire inserted into an artery either in the groin area or now through the wrist. It is feed up through that artery into your heart. The business end, in your heart can have all sorts of tools attached to it depending on what they are doing. On the other end of the catheter, the part outside your body had the working controls which the doctor uses to utilize the tools on the other end being inside your heart. It is sort of a remote control. It is using this remote control system that the slit through the first layer of the artery will be make and the entire procedure will be done. OK, I have described this in very basic terms and as I understand it. Making that precise slit into the artery by “remote control” is the worry. Prayers for my family please.
Back to the discussion Vi and I had this morning. she asked me what part of tomorrow I am dreading the most. For me the answer was easy. I can’t have my morning coffee. Am I nervous, yeah a little bit but I have placed myself in God’s hands, I have ultimate faith in the doctors. Worrying about tomorrow won’t change tomorrow it will only spoil today. Oh, the thought of having to lay perfectly still of about 3 hours after the procedure isn’t all that appealing either.

I have a special comment for Rowena. I welcome you to the blog. I read your comment this morning. I allow people to leave almost any comments they feel a need to. What I do not allow is any comments I see as being disrespectful to others that have shared their thoughts or feelings here. This is intended to be like a safe haven for all. With the smiling happy face included after the comment possibly it was intended as a joke that I have misinterpreted but I did not read it that way and the comment has been deleted. If I did misread it you are welcome to return.

13 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Angioplaty

  1. Beatrice says:

    Well BILL The time has come and I know you and Vi will be so happy when this is all over!! I will say an extra special prayer for you and I know God will keep you safe tomorrow.I know you must be very worried and specially Vi also but don’t sweat it, God has your back! Will talk to you soon and maybe one day we will be able to meet on FaceTime!
    Gog Bless you and yours

  2. Mark Lowe says:

    hello Bill,just a quick message , hope it all goes well tomorrow sending big hugs from all your new found family in Leicester , hope that artery gets the blood flowing again good luck and bestest wishes Mark & family xx

  3. Jackie says:

    I will keep you in my thoughts and send you lots of good energy for your procedure tomorrow. I enjoy reading your thoughts. I look forward to reading more after the procedure. I hope you and your wife have a peaceful evening and and even more peaceful sleep with dreams of more fun and joy left to be had.

  4. lypenner says:

    Many prayers for you and Vi for tomorrow. I will ask my faith community to pray tomorrow as well. I had to chuckle when I read you are dreading missing your morning coffee. I would feel the same way!! My friend at work Shauna is also undergoing an MRI tomorrow afternoon to see if her brain tumor has (hopefully) shrunk after the gamma knife surgery in the fall. She has claustrophobia, so it’s extremely hard for her to undergo this procedure, plus hoping for good results. So I have a tall order for a prayer list tomorrow morning šŸ™‚ Having just gone through a difficult time myself last week, I know how very important prayers and thoughts from others are, so I send them your way. Much love, Lydia

  5. Dave Ouellette says:

    Hey Grandpa “Bill Hill”
    Dawson wants to say, ” I wish you well and know everything will be okay. I love you and will see you in June when we come to visit everyone.”
    Carter obviously being the younger Brother doesn’t quite know how to express himself in times like this. I guess it is expected from an 11 yr old.
    From myself and I know Kelly would be in on this with me, I am very comforted my Mom is there with you. I know how calming she is just being beside your bed and she just seems to know when to be herself and can’t help but make you laugh at what she says or does, even if it hurts with a freshly incised Sternum. That phenomenal woman is a force of goodness and love. She is the epitome of support even if she has no idea how she does it. Individuals like my Mom have always been the best to have in your corner in times of need like I have under gone and tomorrow you will again need. Very glad she is there for you now.
    My Mom and you together are 2 forces of positive energy Bill and when you get through this one, we are going to have another one of our long chats together that I always enjoy when we come out there to see everyone in June/July. I relied on your testimony and knowledge in our phone conversations before my open heart surgery and I drew a lot of relief and calmness from them. I now know unfortunately that “loneliness” you have spoke of and the anxiety before a surgery so major and I truly believe what you leave on this blog does indeed help many others. They aren’t privy to calling you up like I had, but you are indeed helping people out there.
    I have said it to my kids and Wife before I underwent surgery that, ” I ain’t going anywhere. I have too much life force in me yet. I can feel it.” and I believe you too have lots left in the tank. Especially with the positive energy I hear in your voice on the phone and occasionally Skype.
    Nothing but the best for you and my Mom’s life together after tomorrow my friend. I won’t say good luck because after all, we both know the luck lies in our skilled Surgeons and the outcome lies in our positive outlook to some extent, and ultimately, in the Big Guys decision if he has the need to take you back to His side and feels your teachings have been fulfilled on this mortal life.
    My prayer to Him of course tonight will be is that your work is not done yet. You still have lots to teach me, my Family and also everyone reading your blog by being so dang upbeat by showing that we all can be a better person to everyone we meet and that life is and can be short, so be the best person you can be everyday. Stay positive doing it, make someone smile or laugh everyday, pay it forward and stay the course.
    I will talk to you soon again and Wow, my second post.


  6. nicolemclellan says:

    Hi Uncle Bill. My mom (Renee) told me you were having your surgery tomorrow so I thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Jordan and I will be praying and thinking of you and dear Aunt Vi tomorrow. Love you both!

  7. Mel says:

    Hahaha…I’m soooo with ya on that morning cuppa coffee.

    I shall be praying, sending thoughts and thinking of you with cup in hand, sir…and reminding that better angel what her job is in this deal. šŸ˜‰
    David had some powerful things he shared in his comment. Worthy of reading at least twice! Bless the fella for all his wisdom and love.

    ((((((( Bill and Vi ))))))

    In all things, I trust G-d.
    He’s done an upstanding job of taking care of the both of you.
    *sending prayers and my better angel*

  8. Betty says:

    Bill, plain and simple……have a great day tomorrow. I just know all will go well. Bless you, Vi and your family.

  9. Renee Kastrukoff says:

    Hi Bill,
    I am sitting here thinking about what a big day it is for you and Vi tomorrow. I remember other big days yous have had and all that has been overcome. The gifts of faith, strength and positive spirit that you share with others are coming back to you ten-fold in prayer and thought. I will call tomorrow to make sure you are behaving yourself and laying still as per the doctors orders (I don’t like to be the one to have to break it to you but I’m pretty sure that chasing nurses is not on the list…at least not yet).
    All my love to you and Vi xoxoxo

  10. Jennie W says:

    Hi Uncle Bill,
    Prayers and thoughts to you and Auntie Vi for comfort before during and after your surgery. Love you guys! Xoxo

  11. Mel says:

    Thinking about you … and yours.
    Candle is lit, prayers continue. I’m hopeful and grateful.
    I know G-d’s taking very good care of you.
    ((((( everyone )))))

  12. Laura says:

    Bill, sent an email card as you suggest in your post, though maybe you were sent home by the time it was sent. Thinking of you and your family, and wondering how it went, hope you are warm in bed feeling better already with you personal angel, Vi.
    hi Laura, I did receive your good wishes, while in the hospital. Receiving your love all the way from South Africa was heart warming and I thank you so much.

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