Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pre-Op …..Gifts Please

Today is the day of the pre-op. I admit to being a little apprehensive. What they will be doing has been described as a new procedure. Dealing with this blockage has been passed over at least twice in the past as being too risky. I know that virtually every day huge advances are made in the world of medicine and I am sure some of those advances have greatly reduced the risk involved here.. I have been told it is a 4-5 hour procedure which means at this time next week I will be right in the middle of having it done. About 1/2 way to feeling a lot better.

I want to thank our dear blogging friend fairyfluttering for the suggestion I provide a mailing address so cards and well wishes could come flooding in from all over the world. She suggests being able to read all those loving messages of support would just have to help the healing process. I do admit that sounds wonderful and so heart warming. Be it justified or not, I am just not comfortable providing my home address out on the world wide web. I have no problem providing my address to friends, who knows maybe I am just being crazy.

I have come upwith a different idea that I know would be very heart warming to me. Many times over the course of the blog I have flat out asked for gifts and I am going to do that again now.

I have always held the thought of random acts of kindness close to my heart. What I am asking is that any and all that may read this actively look for the opportunity to do a random act of kindness and then act on that opportunity. The size of this act does not matter, big or small it all counts. For whom you do this act of kindness doesn’t matter. All that matters is that from the goodness contained within your heart you did somerthing to in some way help or make the live of another better or a little easier. Not something we have to do or are expected to do, not with the thought of any reward or recognition. Just because we can.

The gift to me will be having you write in and tell me about what your act was. It will not be seen as bragging or boasting or any such. It will be seen only as your gift to me. Plus, your actions when written here may provide ideas for others that may follow your lead.

Every once in a while I will receive a comment from some one describing themselves as a “lurker” (someone that reads but doesn’t write in). I am calling on you. I am calling on everyone, all my friends everyone.
Get your friends involved let’s make this world just rock with kindness

Pre-op, not reassuring

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pre-Op …..Gifts Please

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – thinking of you and of you and yours … all the very best at this life-giving deal of life … I’m sure all will be well.

    My blog post says it all .. It’s “Choose to Shine: International Be Positive Day” .. some friends set it up for today .. and obviously with the tragedy in Moore .. it is more appropriate in many ways.

    All the very best to you and Val – with hugs Hilary

  2. Craig Smith says:

    The stuff you’re writing here puts me into a space where I’m able to imagine my own death. See my life in the perspective of the relationships I have, this life as a classroom to advance toward becoming aware off my oneness with god.

  3. BC says:

    Count me in. I love your random acts of kindness… indeed since I’ve been reading this blog I’ve tried to do more of them. And it feels fantastic!

    Good luck with the op.


    Thanks BC, it really does make us feel fantastic. I thank you for all your support over all these years

  4. Mel says:

    It amazes me the leaps and bounds they make in record time. I’m hopeful that the procedure will be successful. I’d like to think part of it’s about (and pray) for the surgeons’ steady, persevering hands. I’m certain he knows how special each of his patients are–cuz you are special. And you matter hugely in a whole lot of lives, mine included.

    That last ‘pre-op, not reassuring’ bit is true for me, too. The numbers and facts and papers they have you face isn’t really comforting. I know it’s ‘required’, and I also know the power of prayer. We’ll focus on the prayer/positive thoughts/calling of angels. And the doing of good for others/giving of gifts. When all else fails and I’m overloaded on the fear rictor scale–getting out of myself and doing for others has always served to make things different (for me and for the other person, hopefully).
    Can do.
    WILL do.
    And I’ll start today–while I’ve been more conscious of those random things, I’ve let myself, my concerns/worries, my circumstances become the focus. I always, ALWAYS feel differently when I get busy and go help someone else–however that looks. So, back on that mission and back OFF ‘borrowing troubles’.

    (((((((((( Bill )))))))))))
    You matter hugely to a whole lot of people, sir. And we’re all hoping, praying, and sending better angels to be with you.
    Matters to this one, ya know?

    Thinking of you and Vi and the kiddos/grands. And sending that better angel!
    *HUGE hugs*
    Mel my friend, I thank you so much, prayers and Angels are always so appreciated. Isn’t it wonderful how when we shift our focus from ourselves to others in a positive way, our own spirits are lifted. Such a win/win situation for all. It gives us such a warm feeling inside.
    Thank you

  5. lypenner says:

    Hi Bill. I’m on it, planning my next RAOK, and I will let you know what I came up with. We are back from Alberta, the funeral went well and it was so good to support my husband through this and say good-bye with everyone there. Feeling very grateful.

  6. lypenner says:

    By the way, you’ll be in my prayers for the whole pre-op and procedure next week. sending many prayers and good thoughts your way.

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