Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy grandpa

Having a good weekend. Lynelle has come to town bringing grandchildren Seth and Sadie. I have an ongoing game with them. It is a hug stealing game. Now as with any game there are rules. They play as a team against poppa. The objective is to catch the other unawares to steal a hug. Bedroom and bathroom are “safe” zones. Plus no stealing when you are eating, we don’t want any choking or any such. Now Miss Sadie seems to be the offical score keeper and try as I might I am always well behind in the scoring. i have to chuckle as no matter what the score in the game says, I am the winner. (5 and 7 year old hugs are precious).
Shauna and Jake are coming into town this afternoon bringing precious little princess “Meeks” a 13 month old snuggle bunny. My two othere little princesses I hope to face time with. I am doing the grandpa happy dance and that is a sight to see.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy grandpa

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. Sounds wonderful – enjoy every moment – you will, and they will always remember those happy hugs .. cheers Hilary

    Thank you Hilary, it was a great day

  2. Mel says:

    :-) I’m thinking youtube video! (undoubtedly you’d go viral) You just enjoy the wee ones–and give ’em a good run for the money on the hug stealing game. ;-)

    Hey Mel, it was a great day. I was a real hug stealing machine there for a while. I ran out of energy far sooner than I would have liked. It was a good thing Jake (son-in-law) arrived when he did, he picked up where I was leaving off. I had to just sit back and have hugs stolen from me. How tough was that to put up with? Lol.
    Others have suggested the YouTube, I am just not so sure and my easy way out is, I would have no idea how to go about it.

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