Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I just realized this is in fact post #1150, do I ever like to ramble. I think back and at post #1,000 I had intended to put up a post about the things I had learned from blogging. I look back through the unpublished draft posts I have saved and see I have actually started that post 3 different times. Have another go at it.. In no particular order other than as they come to mind.

If you have to live your entire life, every second of your life with one person would it not make your life a lot more pleasant, enjoyable if you at least liked that person. Imagine if every minute of every day you are just plain stuck with someone you are just not all that fond of or even dislike. Would that not make finding true happiness, contentment and joy more difficult in life. Well you are “stuck” with one person for every second of every day. That person is yourself and you yourself play a much bigger role in determining your own happiness than does anyone else. Happiness comes from within, searching for it externally is most often set to fail Think about that and let me know what you think.

As much as I seem to so often think it should the world DOES NOT revolve me or you. How often do we set ourselves up for some sort of hurt or disappointment when things in life donèt go the way we expect them to. Someone does not act in the way or manner that we are hoping or expecting them to. How often do we get upset by the actions of another having the thoughts: What is their problem don’t they know they should/shouldn’t……… and we get upset. We take it personally when others live own their lives, in their own way especially when that happens to somehow over lap into our own lives, possibly spoiling our own perfect view of how things should be.
A thought just hit me. I do believe God has a plan of all of us. Speaking for myself I do not know what that plan is. What I do know is what I would like that plan to be. Now let’s see who would know what is best for me? God or myself? Now is that a ridiculous question or what?

I am just starting to get on a role in my rambling way and need a break. My pillow is calling my name and telling me I need a nap

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Mel says:

    424,970 hits

    And 1150 posts! Wow….that’s pretty special, both of those numbers. Good for you! *laughing* And good for you to keep plugging away at some of those ‘drafts’ you have hidden away. (I generally end up deleting mine when I go to read and wonder WHAT in the world I was even talking about.)

    That second thought you had–the one about spending your time in the company of someone you didn’t like, day after day after day…gave me cause to pause. A very good point–and who can’t name a time when they were miserable company for themselves. I know I certainly can name a time or twenty bazillion.
    I’ll move into the day much more conscious of that inner dialog. Sometimes I’m not very nice to me!
    (((((((( Bill ))))))))))
    hey Mel. For many (myself included for many years) the idea that true happiness comes from with is hard to grasp. To really attain that you must like or at least be content with the with yourself, the person you truly are. That person way down inside of us. The real us, that the world does no get to see

  2. Brenda Farrell says:

    I happened upon your blog today. I was searching the word journal for my own reasons.Not that I don’t want to share them with you but its not a point that needed to be made. I felt an urge to write you, so I am. I feel it also neccessary to tell you I will be reading more of your blog !! Most days I spend at work thinking of ways to get my daughter(19), who we will call Mage, to understand that life is short. That life is MORE than what she is giving herself. That life is fun and I can only seem to find words that hurt her and me. And we fight, and that’s all we do. I will keep you in my prayers.
    There is a reason I found you today 🙂
    Hi Brenda and welcome. I am not a big believer in coincidence, I do believe things in life happen for a reason. How or why you found the blog isn’t important. Scattered through out I have shared my thoughts and feelings on the beauty and wonders of life. I hope you find some thing of help. Any comments you would consider leave as you read would be appreciated

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