Dying Man’s Daily Journal – date is set

I am feeling pretty good. Still have some chest discomfort but nothing I can’t easily deal with. Have been told increased sweating can be a symptom, well let me tell you, I am sweating buckets, so much so my hair is wet to the touch.

it seems I have been going every second day for blood work. Monitoring mr INR levels (thickness and clotting levels in the blood). My levels seem to be jumping around either too high or to low. Medication dosage changes and it will get sorted out.

Have had a couple of tentative dates for the up coming procedure, June 24th was set. The hospital called yesterday and it has been moved up to May 28 th. Really looking forward to getting this behind me.
A question was posted in a recent comment. Why don’t they just do the procedure now, why the wait? Good question. I see our Canadian medical system as being wonderful, it has kept me alive. It is a fantastic system and it is FREE of all charge to Canadians. Top notch, quality care and it is free of charge, now you can’t beat that.
OK, one possible short fall. There are waiting lists/times for most specialized procedures. To be having this procedure with in the next 2 weeks as it is. I am just so grateful


12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – date is set

  1. rangewriter says:

    Your challenges are endless. As is your spirit.

  2. Betty says:

    Wonderful news! Almost one month sooner than the original date …. obviously someone is definitely looking out for you. God Bless.

  3. lypenner says:

    Hello to Bill’s community, I have a prayer request. My husband’s mom, Olga, age 87, has had some serious health setbacks lately (in addition to already having Parkinsons and other age related limitations). She got a stress fracture in her back last week from osteoporosis, and was going to come out of the hospital today, but then had a stroke today, and tonight they discovered a bleed in her brain which is not good. My sister-in-law is not sure she’ll make the night. Please, any prayers for her are appreciated muchly, for God to surround her with loving angels and much consolation in her spirit that the body can no longer give her. I know this community is sensitive to these kinds of matters. She’s been a great mom-in-law to me for almost 30 years. Thank you all. I’ll let you know how things are going.
    Lydia, I am so sorry to hear of your mother-in-laws condition. My prayers naturally go to her, you and the entire family. I know many are joining me in this. Yes, please keep us up dated.
    You are all in my thoughts, heart and prayers

    • lypenner says:

      Hi again Bill. We are now in Medicine Hat. My husband’s mom passed away at 3 a.m. Friday morning. Last night we lit a candle and prayed for angels to surround her as she was passing. It was all very quick, less than 12 hours, so it is a mercy that she didn’t have to suffer long, though by the end she was unconscious and had pain medication. Thank you Bill for your prayers and for the blog community for their prayers. You realize how much that kind of support means when these times come.

      Dear Lydia, my deepest condolenses to you and entire family. At times like this I struggle to find the words. I know Olga was surrounded by Heavenly Angels comforting her and guiding her home where she is at peace and free of all pain. I know you have a strong belief system in place and are some what comforted by knowing that. Even knowing that does not take away our own pain,our sense of loss. Our world as we know it is changed forever. I could ramble on but I know my dear friend that mere words at this point are almost meaningless. Please know you are all in my thoughts, heart and prayers.

      • lypenner says:

        Thank you so much Bill. I will pass your kind words on to Lyle. Lyle was sad he couldn’t be with her in the end, but his sister Cheryl was with her and we were with her in spirit. We are now visiting with family and reflecting on her life. It is all whirlwind and our hearts are full with people’s love and prayers and with gratitude for this quiet woman who had a deep faith in God. Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers.

        Lydia my deepest condolences to Lyle, yourself and entire family. I am glad you all have family there for mutual support. Sadness will be felt as you mourn your loss, that is natural. Olga was obviously a wonderful woman playing a large part in many lives. Reflect on the memories, cry as needed, laugh with the thought of other memories. Be grateful for the time you shared. My heart and prayers are with all

      • Mel says:

        (((((((( Lydia and Lyle )))))))))) I’m so sorry for your loss.
        Thinking of you both….and sending prayers.

  4. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill and Vi .. my thoughts to you both – and am very pleased they’ve brought the date forward to the 24th – ie next week … that must be a relief .. Hilary

  5. hilarymb says:

    Bother! it was 24 June .. but I see it’s Tuesday week .. with thoughts til then – Hilary

  6. Professor Allan Kellehear says:

    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for all your wonderfully insightful blogs on this ‘taboo’ subject. I’m a palliative care academic writing a book called ‘The Inner Life of the Dying Person’ to be published by Columbia University Press, probably in early 2014. I’d like to quote about 920 words of your blog about the loneliness of dying (24/11/11). Your blog on this subject ‘hits the nail on the head’ about loneliness and dying. Would you please give me permission to quote you in my book? Looking forward to your response with thanks. And my best wishes to you on the latest part of your journey.


    Allan Kellehear, Ph.D.
    Dept of Community Health & Epidemiology
    Faculty of Medicine
    Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Dr. Kellehear, I would be honoured to have you quote anything posted that day. I appreciate your thoughts on the post. I wish you every success with your book, knowing it will undoubtedly be of great benefit to many. If I may be of any further assistance in any humble way please feel free to contact me.
    Best wishes

    • Professor Allan Kellehear says:

      Thank you so much, Bill. My book will mainly be read by doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health professions that work in end of life care. Your words will help them better understand the experience of loneliness in facing your own death everyday. Thank you again – it is I who is honoured by your generosity.
      My warm regards and best wishes to you.


  7. Fairyflutterings says:

    I will be thinking of you and your family every step of the way Bill and I know around the world many others will do the same. That got me thinking though. Is there any way we can send you a card? I kinda like the idea of a truckload of cards from round the world giving you something to read while you recuperate……
    hi, I do have to say the thought of simple cards or short hand written notes does sound appealing. It would definitely add a more personal touch It is just I am reluctant to post my home address on the World Wide Web. I certainly don’ have any problem giving it to my blogging friends. I am not sure if this is a valid concern or not. Any suggestions on that

    • Fairyflutterings says:

      Your concern at sharing your address is both understandable and very sensible. I wonder if a local post office would agree to hold the cards for you or if we could send them car of the hospital or something like a mail box? I just think it would be so lovely to have that love and support winging its way to you from all over the world. I mean, that amount of love can only help the healing process me thinks 😄
      I really appreciate the thought and it would be nice. Please check new post.
      I do thank you for the kind thought

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